University years: freshman

chapter 1: home sweet home

After 3,5 hours of train ride, I was in Istanbul, where I will go to university, not so far from my family. I actially grew up there, but after my parents got divorced, we moved to a small village with my mother.

I was actually happy to be there, because I would be much freer in a megapolis with 15 million people than a village with 250 people. And yes, I can have fast food whenever I want.

So when I arrived, first thing I did was visiting our old abandoned home. It was not so clean, I was expecting so, no one had opened the door for more than a year.

I lied on my bed and started to think about what I will do when I go university. Will I become a popular guy or still keep my silence that comes from high school? I didn't know, and I was too tired to think about it. I fell asleep in a moment.

I woke up with a stomachache. I was almost starving, so I went to market, to buy some hamburger ingredients and coke. When I entered the market, a woman was taking some chocalate from a lower shelf, I saw her big ass and her belly bulging out a little bit from her tight green olive color jeans. I couldn't take myself from looking at her rest of my shopping, and also she changed my mind. Everthing I saw on the internet about feederism came in front of my eyes. I thought "Why don't I try it myself, with my own cooking?"

I tried it before, but my mother was making small portion of meals all the time, and she never let me make meals for me. This time I was free to choose whatever I want.

I took eight burger pack, which is actually enough for me two days. However, my aim was eating at least four of them. I got to home, and I started cooking. It was smelling delicious.

I took four on a plate, and filled a large glass of coke. I remembered the tip: If you eat so fast you won't feel you are full.

I took a big juicy bite from my first burger. One chewing, two, a big sip of coke, and yum! It was gone. I managed to do this until half of the third burger, my belly was aching. I started to rub it, which relaxed me temporarily.

I was able to finish third burger, but never had a second thought about putting the last one into the fridge. I tried to stand up, but I wasn't able to stand straight. I slowly moved to the fridge, one hand was holding the plate, other was rubbing my belly.

When I opened it, I put the plate into the fridge, but I wasn't really satisfied. I looked at it and took ot out, brought to my bed with coke. I lied down and bit it.

Lying down kinda worked and I finished it in 15 minutes. I started to rub my belly, which made me so satisfied. I watched some stuffing videos while rubbing myself and went to take a nap.
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