Vignettes from a fat world

chapter 1

Linda and Lucy met in the lift going up to their office. They greeted one another, happy to see each other again after the Christmas break. Both in their late twenties they were sexy plump hotties and team-mates.
"So how was it babe?" asked Linda.
"Ah-may-zing honey, we ate sooo much, I can't wait to get into to the office to show you my belly. It sticks out further than my breasts now!"
"Oh well done sweetie, I can tell you're fatter even with your coat on!"
"Thanks! How about you?"
"Oh not as good as you, we got stuck in the airport with all that snow so we missed a couple of days, then when we finally got there my sister was ill and we all caught the flu. I think I actually lost weight!" added Linda sadly, before continuing. "Well OK, not really, my skirt is tighter than it was, but you know I only managed a couple of days of proper gorging."
"I'm not wearing a skirt, none would fit!" giggled Lucy. "We'll have to turn up the heating."
"Yeah right, you just want to show off your sexy curves!"
"That too" laughed Lucy.

In the office the heat was turned up very warm so that they could freely strip off the clothes needed for the cold weather outside. Everyone was keen to parade their fattened bodies and compliment others on their gain. The first hour was lost on such pleasantries.

"Oh wow Lucy, how much did you manage to eat? You look pregnant!"
"Thanks! I owe it to Mark's mum, she really took care of me!"

"Awesome work bro! Your gut's halfway to your knees now!"
"Thanks dude! You should see my wife, she looks like she swallowed a beach ball!"
"Lucky bastard!"

The sound of soft flesh being slapped lightly. "Look at this. What a belly!"
"I know, it really popped out now right?! I love how it blew up so round with this overhang even when I'm standing. Before I had to bend over a little."
"Mm-hmm even your love handles, look what a nice roll of fat, it seems to come out of your spine then curls around your waist, getting bigger and fatter till it joins your tummy. Do you want to hook up later?
"Sure, you have a couple of new rolls yourself I'd like to fondle."
The sound of an fat ass being spanked softly.

"Here's some apple pie guys, we had loads left over and it will go. I got ice cream too."
"Yes please!"
"Me too"
"Me three!"

Slowly the colleagues settled down at their desks and began the expected groaning at seeing so many unread emails, and adding to the "to do" list. A young guy walked into the office dressed only in tight white boxers. Rudy was the butt of many jokes as he did all he could to start off his office gut but at eighteen years old his metabolism was just too powerful for any flab to stick. In an attempt to appear fatter he liked to wear tight clothes so as to force out miniscule rolls of flesh.

Now his belly bulged out ever so slightly, as though he'd just downed a large drink.
"Oh Rudy, you poor thing, you didn't manage to gain at all did you?" asked Linda.
"Damn it, and I tried so hard. I swear I just sat on the sofa and ate all day, every day!" he complained.
"Not like Lucy here then, she gained enough for two!"

Lucy blushed at the compliment and asked for another slice of apple pie.
"Oh wow Lucy, you look awesome!" exclaimed Rudy. "I mean you were hot before but now you're just in another league!
"Look" he pointed out to Lucy. "Your butt and hips are actually spreading outside your chair, see how this fat bulges out under the arm rests. And in front your belly's so fat it hides your panties completely! Wow look at this!" He grabbed her soft ball of a belly, lifted it and let it drop onto her thighs.
"We can tell you like her!" laughed Linda, pointing at Ruby's erection, clearly visible in his tight undies.
"Oh honey, that's so cute!" smiled Lucy, pleased at the effect her body had on the younger guy.
"Here let me take care of that for you" said Lucy, pulling Rudy to her, slipping his pants down and taking his cock into her mouth. He reached down to fondle her breasts as the team cheered them on.

Rudy's face flushed with pleasure and pride. He had become one of the team.
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