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She heard a whispering, "look how ludicrously fat she is", but she didn't care about it. Fat, what does it even mean? She was large and soft and wide for her entire life, as far as she could remember, so she had no thinner self to compare herself to. Yes, she was almost twice as wide as most other girls, but she learned long ago that it's not other people's judgment one has to live for, and it's not random other people whom she has to compare herself to. Therefore she was always happy and content, and didn't shy away from admitting to herself that she was the happiest when she was eating her favorite foods, and she didn't want to exchange that happiness for a skin-and-bones body. Why would she even want to? Why would she give away her cute belly, which grew up together with her, and it grew slowly enough through the years that she didn't find any disturbing feeling of it being too big compared to an earlier size. It grew slowly, slowly, as she developed from a chubby little child into a big round young woman, so slowly and gradually that she felt it was always a natural part of herself.
Thinking of this, she noted herself that this might soon change, and she has to be careful and monitor where it will lead, because after she recently moved out, she felt she gained some weight in a very short amount of time. It was not much, but as it happened so fast, it was the first time in her life that she really felt the difference. Being always cheerful and optimistic, it didn't scare her, she explained it for the recent changes in her daily routine, and that she could now use her more freedom to go eat out more often, or stay for later, so this small weight gain surely was just her body adjusting to her new life, after which everything would go back to normal. Because it always did.



What she wore was once a long and loose nightdress, but her quickly growing belly started to turn it into a shirt. She realized this, when she made a quick glance in the mirror before going to bed. This quick glance turned into a longer examination, as she noticed that now she could see her knees in the mirror, and they were covered by this dress not so long ago. She knew other people would feel sad to the realization that they gained so much weight in so little time, and she was preparing herself for these sad thoughts, then even searched for them, but to her surprise, they didn't come. This made her smile.

She examined herself for a little while, and, she didn't know why, but she found herself beautiful. She was content, probably because of the great dinner she came home from recently, and such a great dinner always makes her so happy, and when she's happy, she finds everything (including herself) charming, cute, and beautiful. This happiness radiated from herself, making her feel even more attractive.

She didn't care what others thought of her, and the little physical activity she was doing (mainly very short walks) wasn't enough to make her more tired from her added weight, so she saw no disadvantages. She always lived in a blissful state, trying to enjoy the moment as well as possible, and in every situation, she was able to find the best possible viewpoint. And currently, that was that she recently became able to eat yet another portion at restaurants. Usually, when she sat down at a restaurant, she read thorough the menu, and so many names and descriptions were overwhelming her senses, and she started craving for so many of them, that it was very difficult to choose. As she couldn't choose all, she tried to eat as many types of food with as much difference between each other as possible, to savor all the variety. With here growing body came a growing appetite, so she could enjoy her meals even more.

She was thankful of having a great body type, many others at her size would just be flabby, with unwelcome fat flowing and hanging down everywhere, but she was rotund instead, as if the weight gained in a joyful state would always find the most perfect place. Every part of her was round, with just the right amount of softness.

With the memories of her wonderful meal, of which her stomach was still full and stretching her tummy far forward, she turned to lay into bed for a good night's sleep. But she stopped in her tracks and made a short detour to the kitchen for some snacks.

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She walked much more than she otherwise used to, even if it was just around the beach, from one ice cream stand to the next, and from one grill bar to the next. Only now did she start to feel how out of shape she became, and how winded she got after a moderate walk.

This was a rare exception when she started worrying a little about her size.

She felt it as her ass lost its roundness as it kept expanding upwards and sideways, pushing up her muffin top, and downwards, creating folds over her thighs. Her belly also started to crawl below her hipline, far enough that she could remove her panties and still not be exposed. Walking on the beach exhausted her more than she expected, and when she looked down, she had to realize that her belly took up a larger than ever part of her view. This alone wouldn't upset her too much, but she got a little scared of how quickly she lost her breath. But she discarded these thoughts quickly, so her worries didn't survive to the second day of her vacation. She didn't come here to feel anxious after all! "I'm on a vacation! Let's worry about these things afterwards. It's not that a few more ice creams change anything. If I didn't worry about it before, why should I worry now?" Even more so, if she somehow would end up having to diet afterwards, she thought that at least she should use the time now, in this beautiful resort, to fully indulge herself, maybe for the last time.
And if that's already decided, why couldn't she experiment with how much she can break her eating record? To stuff herself until she can barely move, lay down on the soft sand to let it settle a bit, and then proceed to stuff even more food into her tummy. It's not every time one can be on such a vacation, so let's make the most use of it.


https://www.deviantart .com/bredy/art/Caught-in-kitchen-Viki-677088253

The only time she tried to slow her eating down a little bit, made her decide to never try it again. It was terrible! How could other people live like this, not having their stomach full all the time? She felt weak, she felt dizzy, she felt so hungry she was often close to crying, but she promised herself she would try at least one week of holding herself back a little, so she went through with it.

Was this a strict diet, only eating a few small salads a day? Was she also exercising, was she trying to change her habits, was she trying to lose a whole lot of weight? No, she only tried to hold herself back a little, not even by a lot. She still ate three huge meals a day, each enough for a small family, but they were just a little smaller than she was used to, and she made a promise to herself to not snack between the meals.

Why did she do that? She just wanted to try it out, to try if reducing her portions would still satisfy her, while limiting her growth which was getting out of control. Her thighs got recently thick enough to rub together at every step, her belly got large enough that if she dropped something, she could not pick it up unless she sat on the floor to grab it and then struggled to get up, and she outgrew her clothes, again.

But she enjoyed life, and was happy with herself, so she didn't want to change, to slim down, she just wanted to try to see if she can slow things down a bit, after her surprise that the clothes that fit her so well on her recent vacation, were impossible to take on again. And that was when she already decided that once she's home she will try to keep some more control over her body.

But even this was too much for her. She was hungry all day, and while she tried to take her mind elsewhere by reading or chatting on her phone, her other hand was constantly putting sweets into her mouth, as they were laying all around the house. She didn't even realize it, and the few times she did catch herself and put that candy or cookie down with a sad determination, a minute later it was already in her mouth, without her consciously realizing what she did. After her slightly smaller than average meal left her longing for more food, she sneaked into the kitchen and stuffed her face full of sweets, then realized what she had done, promised herself she will steer away from the kitchen, and in two minutes she was there again, only remembering her decision when her mouth was already full.

No, she decided after these horrible couple of days, diets are just too cruel for her.
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