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chapter 1

The story of Jessica.

So there was this girl called Jessica and she was 120 pounds 5 ft 7 in tall she was 21 years old and she had a shoe size of 7 and she had very long shiny brown hair reaching almost to her shoulders, she had a trim body liked to work out a lot and she was a cheerleader and very popular and she liked to be in the center of attention with her trim body she was very proud of, and she had a sister and her father was away working and one day at school she got very hungry and so she went to a fast food place and she like ate two large burgers but when she got home she got like soo hungry again and she ordered a pizza because she always wanted to be very fat and hated being thin but was afraid of like what like others will like think of her. But now she was like so hungry she just stuffed herself with no regret and she did this for 3 weeks straight and gained 100 pounds. So then she needed a job and there was an opening as a taste tester for a restaurant and she accepted that job because she could eat a lot of free food. So she now had a big round belly and nice breasts and with her huge 180 pound body she was waddling when she went to class. Well and there was this guy in class called Mark he had dark hair and a nice body and he said to her enthusiastically "Hi, my name is Mark". And she said happily "Hi, my name is Jessica!" And he said seducingly "Nice to meet you, I like you and would you go out to dinner with me". And she said enthusiastically "yes of course". Well so they met at a restaurant and she ordered a lot of food because she was very hungry and he said "I like girls who can eat". And Jessica blushed and patted her tummy and asked "do you like what you see?", and Mark said enthusiastically "Yes I like it". And Jennifer said "thank you" and Mark said "I'm a feeder do you want me to feed you" and Jessica said enthusiastically "yes I want!!!". Well and so Mark was feeding her and she grew very fat and Mark now feeds her every night and she just loves all the food. Thank you please like it and comment it and share it so I will write maybe another story some day, which will be exactly the same as this one but with a girl named Sophie instead, and she will gain 50 pounds more if you like and comment.
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Luke123 1 year
I’m actually pretty happy for the glass of water standard thing it’s meant to be nowadays. All the plots are like an intergalactic tree elf needs the help of samkuri san to anything but what we wanted
Luke123 1 year
Ngl I’ve felt like doing one of these so thank you for making me think I’m not insane on that
Aquarius64 5 years
Spot on! But I suggest a few misspellings such as wait instead of weight, loose instead of lose. That kind of thing!
Math Machine 5 years
Tayemas: Mark on fantasy feeder is the equivalent of Prince Charming in fairy tails. So yeah, it’s safe to say he gets around.
Blackbean 5 years
But was she in college? She MUST be in college!
Leaflebelle 7 years
lmaaaooo!! I laughed out loud while reading! Sooo accurate!! x]
DoctorHarleenQ 7 years
Not enough misspelled words
Pepper1985 7 years
was the story meant to have bad grammer
Nok 7 years
Ironic Feeder - FTL yah, poe's law. So used to this caliber that I was like, 'wow, that's not terrible, I can make out the words and grammar and it has a plot' lmao
Blackbean 7 years
Yeah but make sure that it extended to 50 chapters with 3 months delay between each with the compiled length of War & Peace or you fail!
Tayemas 7 years
Of course it's Mark. That guy gets around.
Ironic Feeder 7 years
Poe's Law, dude. This may as well be an actual story. Good job, but boy was that depressing to read.