Riddle with sister

chapter 1: the riddle

"You'll also meet my sister", said Katie as I was massaging her back, "I don't think you've ever met her, she's been abroad in the three months we've been together since."

We were invited to a dinner with her family, and we were ready to go a little sooner than expected. So, after she stepped out of the shower and dried herself, we took some time cuddling before dressing up.

"I don't know, could I have seen her before that?"

"Had you seen her, you would remember, we look very similar. Actually", she said after trying to pick the best words for a few seconds, then chose to forgo unnecessary politeness, "she is even fatter than me". She than shrugged slightly, "but I shouldn't be judging that, because from a certain point of view I'm fatter than her".

Using the word "fat" was appropriate in describing Katie, just calling her plump or chubby would have been an understatement. She was big enough that the word "fat" would be the primary attribute many people seeing her the first time would remember her for, and was just barely below a size which would be shocking or surprising for many people. However, she carried that weight well, distributed fairly among all parts of her body, with plump arms, thick thighs, a butt wide enough that the armrests of many smaller chairs would be rubbing her hips, a belly which was wide and protruded forward enough to make her difficult to see her feet, and breasts large enough to hide a good portion of her view of her own belly. When sitting, her belly would flow onto her thighs just enough so I could hide my palm underneath. Her whole body was covered in a layer of softness, so I had to exert myself when massaging her, to make her truly feel it instead of just jostling her skin around.

"How can that be?" I asked her about her sister, while continuing to massage her neck, the tip of her almost shoulder-length hair tingling the back of my hands.

She started giggling, "try to guess it!"

"Well, the most obvious solution would be that one of you is shorter, so while looking fatter, actually weights less."

"I wouldn't ask you such an easy riddle. We have almost exactly the same height, and we also have a very similar body shape and weight distribution".

I seemed to have gotten lost in thinking too deeply about this mystery, as she started grabbing her clothes and told me not to dwell on it too much, as I didn't have enough information to solve it anyway.

When we arrived to her parents' house, I instantly recognized who her sister was, despite really having not seen her ever before. Her nose was just a little wider, her hair just a little darker and it reached down to her hips, but the similarities in face and body were striking. She looked definitely fatter than Katie, just enough that it would be obvious at first glance that she was the fattest one even if they weren't standing next to each other. Their body shape being identical, it meant that every part of her looked just a little bit wider and bigger, the only difference was her belly, which, while still poking out far forwards firmly and roundly, it was noticeably hanging down. As she was sleeping at her parents, or maybe because she was more lazy with her clothing choices, she only wore some shorts and a homely tee-shirt in contrast with Katie's evening dress. This didn't obscure her shape in the slightest, especially as her bulk was barely contained by her overstretched clothes.

They haven't seen each other for months, so they rushed forward into a big hug, and I couldn't help myself but notice that as they pressed their bodies together, they still had to both lean forward to kiss each other on the cheek. For the rest of the evening, until dinner was served, I didn't see much of them, as they retreated into a room, probably to chat, gossip, and make up for the long time spent apart. They seemed to be really close and loving siblings.

When we finally sat around the table to eat, I remembered my riddle as I observed their behavior. My girlfriend didn't really shy away from food and ate hearty portions of it, maybe a bit more than usual, but nothing out of ordinary. I noticed this before, as far as I've known her, she was never dieting, but wasn't excessively overeating either. She always ate nice big portions, but never conspicuously big, she didn't eat fast food very often, but did from time to time, and wasn't overindulging in sweets, but did not steer clear of them either. This evening was not really different, she ate slowly but steadily, working her way through the numerous dishes. Her sister, on the other hand, was eating like a pig, shoveling food into her mouth at a rate as if she was scared it would be taken away from her.

Even after dinner, she reached for snacks at least twice as often as Katie. So in what area could my girlfriend be fatter than her? Self-image? Since I've met Katie, she was always feeling confident about her body, and although if she could have magically became thinner she would have eagerly accepted the opportunity, becoming thin was not important enough to her to change her lifestyle drastically enough to make a difference. She was always open about her weight, telling me she couldn't lose any even those few times she tried, and she just accepted it as fact and now tries to enjoy life without worrying too much about it. This attitude of her helped a lot to enable her to radiate an aura of positivity and vigor, and this in my opinion has a much greater impact on attractiveness than the absence or presence of excessive weight. Actually, weight was never the most important factor for me, and although I always had some fondness for slightly chubby girls, I could get attracted to really skinny and enormously obese girls as well, if they felt comfortable in their bodies. At least in theory, because in practice I never dated anyone even nearly as large as Katie, and she was much bigger than the slightly plump shape I idealized before. Nevertheless, I quickly got accustomed to her body, and I got to adore it so much that to my surprise I now couldn't even have imagined here any slimmer. When we got together, her acceptance of her weight was mostly conscious and deliberate, instead of ingrained into her body at a deeper level. At first she instinctively shied away when I touched her tummy or fondled her rolls of fat on her side, but as the time passed she quickly got accustomed to it and was even starting to enjoy it.

What about her sister? She was just sitting there, caressing her full tummy which was now so stuffed it was bulging out of her clothes, but she was still radiating happiness. I didn't know what she was thinking about, but as she was almost purring from pleasure, I guess she wasn't feeling miserable about her body at all. No way would that attitude make Katie look fatter in comparison. I still wasn't any closer to the solution.

This riddle made me think about Katie's weight much more than usual. I pondered about it all the way we went home (she slept over at my place more and more often these days), and I still didn't have any ideas by the time we arrived. Maybe her sister gained a lot of weight recently, judging from her behavior this evening, and previously she was the thinner one? No, that can't be the solution, it wouldn't make much sense as a riddle, and she was talking in the present tense anyway. Still, not having any better clues, I asked it her.

"No, she didn't put on any more weight than me, in recent years", she smiled, "but you might at least be close to some actual clues now".

"Wait, you are the youngest one, right?"

"Yes, three years younger".

I think I got it.
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Curiousv 5 years
Chapter 3 was called "conclusion", because I intended it as the ending of the story. What would happen after that, is left to the imagination of the reader. But I don't think it's so hard to guess smiley
Theswordsman 6 years
Wow! This is a good story and i hope it continues but i learned i am terrible at riddles.
Curiousv 6 years
Well she didn't, did she?
And it's explicitly mentioned in general that although Katie was never really dieting, she didn't overeat really that much.
Theswordsman 6 years
I mean what if katie eats more while her sister weighs more
Curiousv 6 years
What do you mean by that?
Theswordsman 6 years
Could the sister eat more like a fat person then her larger sister
Curiousv 6 years
Added another hint ...
Curiousv 6 years
No, and I thought it was obvious from the story that she was talking about the person who was present at the evening and described in great detail.

But thanks for the guess. I'll post a further hint if no one gets close.
Theswordsman 6 years
Could she have more then one sister?