Weight gain for girlfriend

chapter 1

I had always been fit. Running, swimming, MMA, it was a part of my life. When we first met, my girl friend "Elle" was the same. But while in school, she had lost the time she used to have on working out and gaining weight. After 6 months she had put on about 20 lbs. No a ton, but she had a definite bulge to her belly and her boobs and ass had grown. She was to tired at the end of the day to do much more than eat a Pizza and watch tv. So one day I decided to motivate her
"Babe" I said "I know you are having a tough time losing weight, so we are going to do it together" She gave me a weird look.
"How the hell are you going to lose weight, you're at like 6% bodyfat, you have nothing to lose" I chuckled "I know, that is why I am going to gain weight for you. I won't work out and I will eat like shit for the next month, and then we will work off the weight together.
"Oh thank you baby that would be awesome!" she cried, and hugged me.
So the next day I cancelled my gym membership and threw all the healthy food away and went shopping. Pop tarts, coke, Mac and Cheese, white bread. I ate McDonald's every day for lunch and a large Pizza eery day for lunch. After the first week I had put on 5 lbs. my abs started to disappear and my pants started to get snug. I also noticed a change in my girlfriend. She seemed to like seeing me gain and her sexual appetite grew with my waist line. Before we had had sex only once or twice a week. But once I had put on 12 pounds by the end of week two it was almost every night. We would eat, she would ride me, and then I would fall asleep with her rubbing my belly. By the end of four weeks, my diet and total lack of exercise had led to me gaining almost 30 pounds, and I definitely looked like a chubby guy. But my girl friend loved it.
Day 32 of my weight gain experiment happened to fall on a Wednesday, and I had to wake up early for work, so I wasn't able to workout. No big deal, I used to have to take a day or two off from the gym every now and then for work.
Thursday my girlfriend busy all day. She had a big test at school and couldn't make the gym. Since I had planned of working out with her I saw no point in going to the gym or trying to eat healthy, so I figured, "hey why not have beer and pizza for dinner, one last time" When she got home we made plans for the gym on friday, but when she got her test grade back she was so excited she decided to cook a big meal to celebrate. The roast took her all afternoon and by the time I had finished my third helping I was to tired to do anything by lie back while she, with an enthusiasm that surprised me, eagerly sucked my cock. We decided first thing in the morning to hit the gym, but when I woke up my girlfriend had other ideas.
It has now been 6 weeks since I started gaining. I am almost 40 pounds heavier and every time I talk about the gym my girlfriend decides to do another type of workout all together
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FrecherTyp 6 years
hehe cool story ^^
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Love it! More chapters. But don't do what some others do and make it finished like by chap 2 lol