Weight of it all

chapter 1

What it's like to be 500 pounds/ 35.7 stone/ 226.8 kg. This is the tale of a 42 year old man standing 6 foot 2 inches tall who would probably have a fit build at around 230 pounds/ 16.4 stone/ 104 kg. Your mileage may vary.

Booths are often too small of a squeeze. Tall tables are usually without foot rests. You try to get tables with no armrests on them if possible. He is such a foodie that he is usually willing to accommodate any situation for a chance to over indulge.

He can eat quite a lot. Restaurant staff are usually happy to see us coming because they know they are in for a good sales day. He eats so much sometimes he gets stressed and sweaty and has to lean back.

His titanic belly heaves onto his thighs. It takes all his effort to make it from the restaurant to the bench in the street where he collapses. Drawing short, panting breaths, he brushes his sweaty palms against his thick sides. Depending on the size of his previous meal, he will be hungry again in 2-4 hours. Holiday seasons are especially stuffing because the portions are huge and invitations are everywhere.

There are no easy jobs at 500 pounds. He puffs his way down the street, his fatty hulk sloshing from the impact of the concrete. His thunderous thighs keep him from a full stride and embarrassingly sometimes, stairs and tight spaces are impossible. He will thrust his massive ass onto the nearest bench for relief. Walking has become a test of endurance until failure.

He has nearly no ankles and his feet frequently hurt after just a short walk. Putting on footwear is often an ordeal because he can't bend and there is too much fatty bulk in the way. He requires supportive, sturdy leather shoes because his feet can crack if too dry in winter and 500 pounds is a lot of weight to put on 2 little feet.

He constantly does the mental math of "Can I fit here? Can I walk that far? Will that support me?"

Train stations:
Fat rolls squeeze as he strains through the gates at the train stations. Three abreast seats are a gift and he will take them for himself and ooze across the furniture. The train ticket inspector sometimes gives a judgemental look but nothing more.

He loves the train. No seat belts. Usually no close neighbors to inconvenience. Trains fit well when you're supersized. If it is crowded, I don't mind squishing up next to him.

He outgrew our economy car and we moved up to an audi with all wheel drive. His belly will brush against the wheel when driving and his thighs push his knees apart which can get in the way of the shifter when he is in the passenger seat.

He will often shift his fat so he can get his huge butt, back fat rolls, and massive arms comfortable. Seat belts in the audi are just large enough in the right places but it is a snug fit. In other cars, he either cannot get buckled in or the seatbelt slices into his mushy fat.

SUVs are large enough and due to the poor suspension, his waves of fat wobble constantly on bumpy roads. Struggling in and out of the audi is sometimes the most strenuous physical activity he does in a day.

Air travel:
Economy seats are impossible. Seat belt extensions are necessary. Squeezing in and out of the row of seats is always an excruciating challenge. He overflows over arm rests and extensions and his oversized arms make being comfortable on a plane impossible.

He rarely flies anymore. It's not unworkable and I'm happy to help but air travel can be tough and discouraging for average people-it's even worse when you're 5-6XL.

His career is stable and he's been promoted twice. Luckily, he has so far avoided fat bias on the job.

He is extremely obese. BMI of 68. Simple tasks are slower, labored, or monumental undertakings at this size. He struggles to get out of bed; he hoists himself to his feet for short periods of time. His enormous appetite makes him lethargic and sleepy.

Sleep apnea has been a problem that requires a CPAP machine and posture changes. Surprisingly, he has a clean bill of health with normal blood pressure, no diabetes, no ED, good liver function and normal cholesterol. He is in that regard, doing much better than many other men his age.

Living large is not cheap. You can't buy happiness but the chef's table does not come on discount. He's been very lucky to have no serious health issues. Being so huge is hard on furniture, clothes; almost everything costs more because it is larger, reinforced, or more of it.

We budget, invest, and save accordingly for his size and our future. Needless to say, his life insurance is vastly more expensive than mine. It was a challenge to find a company to even take him years ago at 380 pounds.

We mostly buy online for daily items. When we do visit a store, the struggles of walking apply. He hasn't used a motorized scooter, but he's not afraid to. He will usually lean on the cart handles to rest his back or take advantage of a bench.

We are usuals at the home improvement store. He breaks a lot of things around the house-he is hard on things.

He is an excellent cook and an intense foodie. He loves to make homemade pastas, breads, cakes, and garden salads. His garden is about the only reason he will bother to bend anymore.

He's not too proud to have a frozen pizza in the freezer either. He can eat an entire pizza for breakfast or as a snack. He does drink, but not a lot. He would rather enjoy a chocolate milk or tomato juice with breakfast.

I know I am naughty for encouraging his overeating and allowing him to get so fat. We both enjoy the way food plays into our lifestyle.

Fat sex is a big issue. (Har.) The bond between a feeder and feedee is a level of trust and sensuality that is challenging to describe. There is a wonderful intimacy involved and hedonistic pleasure. He's not athletic but he's still very powerful. Layers exude in a cascading series of fat rolls when he plants on his back.

You're going to need to talk about fat and move fat around.

He is equally happy on top. There is a mistaken belief that fat people will crush their partners-it's nonsense. Pillows are a must. Due to his size, his belly needs to be lifted when he is on his knees.

People really don't care as much as you think. Occasionally a family member will troll citing "concern" which is just code for, "fat makes me uncomfortable, so you need to make changes." but it's pretty rare. Most people just don't care and are happy to accept you and care about you no matter what.

Sometimes you do catch someone staring and once in a great while, someone will make a comment about our size contrast. He uses it as a chance to make a joke.

No two people are the same shape at 500 pounds. Finding clothes online is normal. Even if they had them in the stores, trying them on would probably be out of the question.

He is so massive around the girth, tears are not unusual. Thighs blowout. Buttons are lost. Hips tear. Sleeves are not all made equal and sometimes, it's a tight squeeze for his squishy, sagging arms. I have had to leave work and run a shirt or a pair of trousers to his office because of a clothing emergency. We laugh it off when it happens.

Shoes and jeans are probably the toughest to find, due to the unique sizes. He looks good dressed up but untucks his shirt immediately when done, allowing his massive belly to breathe.

Looking down, all he can see are bulges of man breasts and belly fat. Huge rolls that cascade up and out in any direction that is the path of least resistance. He is massive and marshmallowy and he loves it.
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GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Many of us enjoy the fantasy aspects of fattening. Thank you for giving such an honest picture of your lives. You write well.

How fortunate you both are!
Garfield 4 years
I am currently 125 kg and this description makes me want to continue to gain 100 kg with the help of a slim female feeder.