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chapter 1

"Jeez," Rebecca sighed as she walked with her friend Elizabeth, or Liz for short, "what is she so excited about."
"I don't know, something about her family and a new restaurant."
Rebecca and Elizabeth were talking about their friend Beth who was hurrying them along to the new restaurant that had just opened in town.
"Oh, I heard about that place, isn't it like a fast food breakfast thing?"
"I guess but they do specialty bakery orders too. I guess it helps all the local farms out by buying everything right from them."
"Let's go guys hurry up!" Beth yelled ahead of them. "This is huge."
"She is one to talk" Beth whispered to Jessica, and they both giggled.
Beth was a bit of a heavier girl, especially compared to Rebecca and Elizabeth. Rebecca and Liz could have been twins, at 18 they were each 5'8" and roughly 115 lbs. They had long blonde hair, though Rebecca was more of a strawberry blonde. Beth however had dark black hair, was barely 5' 2" and weighed 155 lbs. The girls had been friends since they were kids, and remained so through high school. Liz and Becca usually just slipped a couple light hearted jokes, but never really intending to hurt their friend. Rebecca was actually quite proud of her friend Beth, she never let her weight hurt her or hold her back.
The three girls lived in a small farm town in Northern Iowa. The town was famous for its high school football team, and even that was a stretch. Most of the folks that lived there either owned farms, worked in a nearby factory, or worked from home like Rebecca's mom. She was an auditor and could do most of her work online unless she needed to take a quick trip to visit a company in person. In those cases, Rebecca would stay with her friend Beth.
The new restaurant they were heading too was the talk of the town. "It's my aunt's you know." Beth said with pride. "She made a fortune cooking in the big city and came home to show everyone what an enormous success she was."
They arrived just in time to watch as the mayor shook hands with what must have been Beth's aunt. Liz leaned over to Rebecca, "She wasn't kidding about an enormous success."
Beth's aunt must have been about as tall as her niece, but was easily over 250 pounds. "Thank you everyone, while I enjoyed my time away from home, I wanted to share my success with all of you, so please come in and enjoy!"
With that the doors opened wide and the small crowd that was gathered began to flow in. Rebecca and Liz had lost sight of Beth as they entered the restaurant. The looked around at the cases filled with food. There were doughnuts and pastries and cakes. "Oh my," Rebecca said out loud as she watched a group of women fawn over the chocolate eclairs.
"I know, doesn't everything look great!" Beth said from behind.
The two girls turned in surprise to see their friend with an apron on. "My aunt let me work here, it is going to be so cool."
Rebecca and Lizgiggled as their friend took off. It was very busy and Beth had to help her aunt. The two girls got in line to order something.
"Oh my god," Jessica whispered as she drew Rebecca's attention to the name of the restaurant. "I can't believe I didn't even notice it before when we were walking up." It's named after Beth's mom and aunts maiden name McFadden. "
"Oh, you're right, my mom told me they used to be called the McFatten sisters or something."
"Yeah, I remember, Beth's mom worked super hard to lose the weight as much as possible, but her aunt just took off East.
"Jeeze, a pastry place called McFadden's, people will just tear this place apart," Rebecca commented, "Especially if people keep eating like that."
Rebecca was looking at the group of women that had been checking out the eclairs before, now as they sat and ate you could swear they were having the time of their lives. "Must be good."
"Oh you bet they are!" said a voice from behind the counter. "You girls must be Beth's friends Rebecca and Elizabeth, it is nice to meet you, I am her aunt Tracy."
"Nice to meet you miss McFadden," The girls said in unison. "This sure is a fancy restaurant for our small town." Liz continued.
"Oh, I think it is just perfect," said the mayor as he walked up. "It is good to have Tracy back home with us, and I couldn't think of a nicer spot in town. We have the high school across the street, my office around the corner, with plenty of space for that drive thru you just put in."
"Why thanks Mr. Mayor, you stop by anytime." Tracy said with a big smile. "And now what can I get you girls?"
"Oh, I don't know," Liz said, "I just ate."
"I'll try something small I guess." Rebecca said timidly.
Tracy smiled and reached behind the counter and pulled out an ￿air for Rebecca. "Here, try this. I think you'll like it."
The ￿air was huge, with chocolate drizzled decadently over the top of the flaky pastry. Rebecca could see the filling peek slightly out of the pastry. She tingled as she looked the decadent dessert over.
"I think this might be a little too much for me ma'am." The ￿air was easily 8 inches long and nearly as wide.
"Nonsense sugar, try it, on the house."
The girls headed to a table and Rebecca scooped a bit of the filling up with her finger and put it too her tongue.
"OH god," Rebecca said, almost moaning. "Now that is delicious, you have got to try this."
"No thanks Becca, you enjoy it."
"Ha, I think I might." Becca put the ￿air to her lips and took a small bite. It was like heaven as the soft sweet dough seemed to melt and mix with the chocolate and that sweet filling. She was in a state of euphoria, blissfully unaware of her surroundings. Each bite was a rush of flavor, wave after wave of bliss and happiness. She finally opened her eyes as she finished licking her fingers.
"Did I just eat that whole thing?"
"Eat it," Liz jeered, "I was going to tell you two to get a room."
"Please, I was ready to marry that thing."
Beth came over, "Wasn't it great. Sorry I wanted to come hang out with you guys but, just look at how busy this place is."
"I know, is it just you and your aunt?"
"Yeah, she is opening the drive thru which will be a killer to run, plus we could use a baker if my aunt is always running things."
"How was it dear?" Tracy asked as she walked up to the girls.
"It was heavenly ma'am."
"Good, well I'm glad you liked it. Beth hun, I'm sorry to interrupt but I need you back on the register."
"Sure thing Aunty."
"You guys are really busy, Beth was just telling us about how shorthanded you are, especially if business stay this good."
"I know, we need a drive thru operator to take orders and hand over the food, and another baker, even just an assistant to help with the cooking. You girls wouldn't be looking for some work, would you?"
"Work here?" Liz asked. "I don't know, I mean it wouldn't be too bad I suppose. I do have a little experience cooking.
"I wouldn't mind working a register and taking orders," Beth said. "I'm sure we could help you out for a bit."
"Oh, that is swell you girls follow me and I will give you a quick run down of your stations." Tracy grabbed the girls by their hands and pulled them behind the counter. She led Becca to the drive thru station. Here is where you will work, you just put the headset on and monitor the camera for when folks pull around. You can enter their orders here on this computer and your friends Liz, or Beth will put the order together and bring it over to you. The drink and coffee machines are here, and if you need anything my office is just over there. Why don't you get a feel for everything while I walk your friend through the baking equipment?"
Tracy and Liz disappeared behind a wall of ovens. She could hear them only a little muffled now, and laughing every once in a while.
"That Tracy is really cool," Becca thought to herself. "Mom will be really happy I have a job." She looked over her station. There was a small shelf that would be perfect for doing homework if there was a lull. There was a small stool on wheels, perfect for her to sit in and wheel about to grab orders when she needed it. "Ha, I won't even have to stand up."
Becca realized she was still wearing the headset and looked about. On the monitor it looked like a car had already pulled around to the drive thru. "What but it isn't even opened yet." Becca though to herself.
"Hello, I this thing working?" Came a voice through the headset.
"Uh, yes sorry about that. Sorry the drive thru really hasn't opened yet."
"Really, we were just in there a minute ago and thought we would grab a snack for the road."
Becca looked at the monitor and could make out the image of one of the women she had watched eating the eclairs.
"Well, I'm sure it isn't a problem, what can I et for you?"
"Well I will have one of your eclairs, um a bear claw and I think I saw some lemon meringue pie. I'll have a slice of that too."
"Mmm, me too." Came another voice "Me three, but a cookie too." Came a third.
Becca was busily typing this all in to the computer and pressed enter. There as a small ding at the front and Lucy came out to investigate.
"Are you testing the system out sugar, it's pretty easy right."
"Oh no Ms. Mcfadden, we have a customer over here and I figured I would help them out."
"Well if you are ready then we are let me get all that together for you, you go ahead and finish the transaction."
The woman pulled around and handed her credit card to Becca. Becca had seen this before and the system was really straight forward. She swiped the card and handed it back with a smile. Tracy brought over the order and the three women in the car beamed with excitement.
"You all enjoy," Tracy said to the women was they drove away. "And for you my dear," Tracy said as she handed Becca a large chocolate chip cookie. "For my hard worker."
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