The trip of a lifetime

chapter 1

Emily worked at the local grocery store in the customer service booth. It wasn't an exciting job, but it did pay fairly well, and it really only involved listening to complaining customers and counting up money as cashiers closed out their drawers. Perhaps the thing that helped her get through it the most was that her two friends worked there with her. She had been friends with Christina and Cassandra for years. They met in junior high and stayed friends throughout high school. They were looking a some of the local colleges to attend but were taking the first year out of high school off collectively to try and build some wealth.
Of the three girls Emily was the largest, not in height, but rather weight. She was roughly 160lbs, which would have been fine if it wasn't for her the fact she was 5'4". She carried the most of her weight in her breasts and belly. She never seemed to mind having a large belly, only because it was overshadowed by her larger breasts.
Cassandra was slightly taller at about 5'6". She weighed about 150 but carried the weight all over evenly proportioned. Her ass was by far her favorite feature. She often enjoyed walking about the store they worked in, giving it a little wiggle as she assed any new employee. She had always been a bit of a flirt but rarely gave a guy an opportunity beyond a good first date. She always said that guys are great for a nice meal but that was it.
The last of the trio was Christina. She came in at 5'10" and only 120lbs at most. She was tall, lanky and athletic. The other two girls were happy getting their exercise around the local mall, but Christina was active in high school playing basketball and running track. She was always envois of her friends' endowments, but she could never gain enough weight.
It was the end of the fall in their first year out of high school and the girls had just finished up an evening shift at the grocery store where they worked.
"Ok," Cassandra said. "Who here is ready to relax for a Slurpee at the 7-11?"
"Please," Emily replied. "I just wish it could be a little bit stronger."
"We could get them to go and bring them back to my place," Christina added in. "You know my mom doesn't care if we touch her booze."
The girls loaded into Emily's car and drove off. She was the only one of the three that had a car. They all had a license but Emily was the only one to save up enough so far to buy her own. The 7-11 was right down the street from Christina's house and was a favorite stop for the girls. They perused the aisles collecting snacks and Slurpees. Emily stopped at the end of one of the aisles and noticed n add for a competition they were running.
"Win the trip of a lifetime! An all expenses paid trip for you and up to two friends on a global cruise. Enjoy 120 days of leisure, adventure, and fine cuisine."
"I don't know about adventure," Cassandra said looking over Emily's shoulder. "But the other two sound pretty nice."
"I know." Emily said in a defeated tone.
"Hey check it out, it's a Canadian line too, that means we could drink too." Christina added.
"Yeah but the chances of winning are like one in never going to happen." Emily said as she placed her items up on the counter. "You always have to do so many specific things like buy a Slurpee," she said as she put her cup up to the checkout. "Buy some candy bar that is a part of the contest. "She grabbed a random candy bar and placed it up on the counter as well. "And buy that stuff at the exactly right time."
"That'll be $3.50 miss." The cashier said dryly.
"See never happens." Emily pointed out again with scorn.
She wiped her card to pay and the screen seemed to freeze a moment before asking for her email address. She entered it carelessly, collected her receipt and went outside to wait for her friends.
It was cold outside as the fall air was getting ready to turn to winter. She hated thinking about another North East winter and couldn't help but think how much nicer it would be to spend this whole winter on a cruise ship touring the world.
Bzzzz Bzzzz
Her phone vibrated with an alert. She pulled it out expecting it to be a text from her mother asking her when she would be home and if she had already eaten, their usual texts these days. Instead of a text it was an email and she opened it quickly without really looking.
"Congratulations and Bon Voyage. Please respond with your full name and details to receive your global cruise for three."
Emily stared blankly at the phone, it hadn't truly even hit her yet. She read the message and read t again. She reviewed who the email was from. She dropped her Slurpee and candy bar so that she could hold the phone with both hands.
"What's with you, something wrong?" Christina asked as she walked out the store.
"Don't think I'm sharing my Slurpee just because you dropped yours, butterfingers." Cassi added.
"You guys are not going to believe this."
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