You're filling out nicely pig part 3 (end)

chapter 1 of the end

He was in shock and I seated next to him. "Dante are you ok?" He started to cry again, I just hugged him. We we're like that for fifteen minutes or so, until he stopped sobbing. "I'm sorry that this happened to you, you must really love her" I said. He didn't look at me. "I guess I deserve it, I cheated on you too after all. But I'm no sad for losing her. I really thought that the baby was mine and I really loved him. That's what hurt the most" I started to stroke his hair. "I'm sorry. I know this is hard for you but what are you going to do about the house? Are you going to leave or...?" He sighed and wiped the last tears of his face. "I don't want to be here anymore. I think I'll go to a hotel for now. I need to make my baggage but stay here please, I don't want to be alone" He got up slowly and started to walk to his room. I was feeling so bad, I screamed without thinking "You can stay with me!" he looked at me surprised I felt embarrassed. "I mean, if you want. I just want to help you" He thought about it for a moment and said "I don't think that's a good idea but thanks" he said and leaved the room. I just stood there without understanding "he's in love with me, why did he reject my offer? Maybe is too soon for him" I thought. I accepted it and went to the kitchen to start to wash everything. Dante was on his room packing his clothes while thinking "I can't tell her how I feel; she just offered me her house because she felt sorry for me. She would just reject me too" he started to package his t shirts and found the pink shirt with the pig on it and blushed. "After that night she started to act differently and I could feel it. I like when she cooks for me and how she always hugs my belly. Maybe she likes me too? What can I do to know if she feels that way?" He thought about it a moment and then leaved the room decided to know how I felt. In the kitchen I was putting the food on containers when he got in. "Are you finished?" I asked and he just nodded. "I didn't want to throw away the food so I thought that you could take you with you." He started to walk to me. I was standing on a corner with a container on my hands and he took it and put it on the table. He was standing in front of me, blocking any way out. I was cornered looking him on the eyes. "Dante?" I said softly. He hugged me by the waist with one hand and caressed my face with the other, looking me in the eyes. "You're beautiful" he said before kissing me. I responded the kiss and hugged him back. I was so glad that he had taken the first step. It felt great to kiss him, I melted on his arms. When we split he hugged me closer to him and whispered in my ear. "I love you Natasha. I have realized that I didn't felt bad for losing my wife because I didn't love her anymore. I love you. I'm sorry for hurting you in the past, now I understand that I acted like a jerk. You're really the only one for me. Could you forgive me and give me another chance?" I kissed him softly "I love you too Dante, but how do I know that you're not going to start mocking me again for my weight?" He chuckled and smiled at me while his hands caressed my wide form, resting on my belly. "The true is that I've always loved your body, I found it incredible sexy. I got influenced by all the things that my called friends told me. I was young and stupid but I promise you that isn't going to happen again. Besides, now I'm heavier that you so I don't really have the right to say anything. I can lose the weight if you want, just say it and I'll do it" He said, but I could notice that he was afraid of the answer. I realized that this was opportunity to confess him what I've done so I silently took his hand and guide him to the table to sit. I sat in front of him, still holding his hand. "I have something that I want to tell you Dante, something really weird that I want to show you." I kissed him again and then we both entered his mind. As his presence was just and illusion he kept the same clothing while mine changed. "What? Where are we? What's this place?" He said scared. "There was a secret that I never told you before Dante, you see when I was younger I discovered that I could enter in to people minds by hypnotizing them. You know how people say that each mind is a world? Well is true, right now we are in your mind, a place that I have visited before" He looked at me "Before? When?" He asked. "Remember the first day of our training? When I asked to try to put you on trance and you thought it didn't work out?" He scratched his head surprised. "I guess this means that it did work out. But why did you go to my mind?" I looked down nervously. "I... I'm sorry. I was mad at you; I didn't know anything about Lauren. I was blinded by my wish of revenge" I said and started to sob a little. He went closer to me and tried to hug me but he was remembering of his state as an illusion when he couldn't touch me. "Don't cry baby" He said. I used my powers to bring a book of the memories from the stuffing sessions; it floated in front of him. I wiped my tears and said without looking at him. "I decided that you had to know how were like to be made fun of because of your size, so I changed your metabolism and your personality. That's why you have been lazier and lazier everyday" he was going to said something but I was so afraid of his answer that I just continued. "I also created a phrase code that would put you in trance and once you were on it I would stuff you with fattening food and hunger stimulants. You don't remember that because I would make you forget once you were off the trance. But I regret everything, I'm so sorry. After a few months I found myself aroused every time I saw you eat or exercise. I couldn't believe how turned on I was for your body. At the end it wasn't about revenge, it was about me being selfish and fattening you up for my pleasure. I'm so sorry. When we leave this place I would free those memories. Please, please don't hate me, I'm sorry" I didn't give him time to say anything as we both went back to reality. I saw him struggling with the memories of all the nights he had forgotten and waited for him to say something. After what it felt like an eternity he finally understood what had happened to him. His weight gain, his laziness, his changes, it all made sense now. I thought that he has going to flip out and scream at me, I expected him to leave me saying how I had destroyed his life but instead of that he just looked his belly and then looked at me. "I guess that it means that I can keep this monster" I couldn't believe how calm he was. "So you're not mad at me?" I asked him. "Well I'm surprised but not mad; the thing is that I like how it feels too. There's one thing bothering me tough and I want you to be honest. Did you changed my feelings for you or for my wife?" he asked me and I knew he was being serious. "No. I can't change feelings. Those are entirely a matter of the heart and can not be changed. It's like if your traits or personality were written with a pencil but your feeling were written with a pen. You know what I mean?" He smiled. "Yeah, I know what you mean. So, what else did you changed?" he said blushing. "Well I didn't change anything else but I did found out about something that I think you haven't realized yet. Can you wait for me on the living room please?" I said and went to the fridge.
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Aquarius64 6 years
Good to see the story coming to a conclusion, but oh dear! You seem to have forgotten about the concept of paragraphs!
The English and the spelling is not so good in this section either. People walk into a room not onto it and I place objects in my bag,
FrecherTyp 9 years
hehe it really owuld be ncie if you get on writing this up to the end but it was a really nice ending for the little evil hypnotizing thing ;-) and in real she just was helping him ^^
FrecherTyp 11 years
oh loved this nice ending (concerning that she was open to him about the hypnotization ) a very nice story ^^