Being her property

chapter 1

I walked through the halls of the mansion with excitement. Like many other times I had come looking for the perfect toy. And I hoped that this time I would find it. At least, that was what my longtime friend Angelina said.
Angelina, you see, owned the mansion and everything on it. And I mean everything. She was the number one provider of escorts in the country. She could provide anything you were looking for, any race, age, personality and body build. Her empire was well known for being hidden at plain sight. People would believe that she worked as a model agency. And that was the perfect way of looking for employees. But she was not dumb; she knew how to survive, so she kept all the people who would give up everything just for money, the perfect puppets.
Just not for me, you see, the kind of toy I was looking for wasn't found on catwalks and fashion shows. The kind of toy that I wanted was found on fast food joints and comic book conventions; nerdy, fat and insecure. That was my thing. But when Angelina called me to propose me something I knew I should trust her.

If you see me on the street you would think that I could find what I wanted on my own. After all, a successful art director on the number one design agency was a guy magnet. But I just couldn't stand the kind of guys that flirt on me every single night. Tall, muscular, perfect and with a huge ego. The same thing I see every day on my profession and I don't like to mix my personal life with my job. So I asked Angelina to search for me.

As I reached Angelina office I marveled at her good taste. Classical with a modern touch. The huge salon was covered with a turquoise paint and decorated with white photo frames. Each photo was a happy costumer. On one side of the room were two chairs and a matching white sofa with a small wooden coffee table on the middle. A huge window on one of the sides let all the light of the sun enter giving it a relaxing sensation. And on the other side of the room I saw more photo frames on the side walls and the back was covered with bookshelf. In front of them was Angela's desk where I found her waiting for me on her laptop.

"Amelia! It's so good to see you again" She said and hugged me. "And oh my god, you look amazing!" I have to admit, I do look great. My wavy black hair, greyish eyes and perfectly tanned skin did the trick. "I Know Angela, It has been so long. And I see that your business is going great" I say as I admire her office. "Well, you have being busy too as I remember Miss Art Director. But you are right, with my talent and abilities to recruit people, well, everything has being great. And that's the reason why I asked you to come" She said as she sat again. I took a seat in front of her with a skeptical look. "And I'm here just because I trust you. You finally found what I was looking for?" She smiled at me. "No. I found something better, something that you'll love." She said and turned her laptop around to show me the picture of a model. He was muscular, had his black hair in a short but fashionable spikey haircut and had a perfect tanned skin. I could see the arrogance on his smile. I sighed "Angela. You're wasting my time. Yes, he's cute but not what I'm looking for." Her smile just became wider. "Oh no, that's not the reason why I called you. This is" She showed me another picture and my hearth stopped. It was the same guy, I could see it. But with 100 pounds more. And it was wearing a too tight old t-shirt that let see his firm pot belly and squishy arms. There was barely any muscle. His face was framed with long oily hair and had a cute double chin with puffy checks that were red with embarrassment for his crappy outfit. The best part of his body was the lower half. He had a pear body shape. His hips were wider that his shoulders and the cargo pants that he was wearing strained right in that part. I was marveled. "What is this? I don't understand." Angela took a folder from her desk and gave it to me. "You know that I check the past of my employees with my very own private detectives and agents. Well when this guy applied I was going to send him to someone else but when I saw on his file how he used to look, I knew that you could use him" I heard her say as I read the file.

His name was Barry Thomas but he changed it to Maxwell Jones a couple of years back. Until that he was an 18 years old nerd living with his parents who worked on the local comic book store. His school record was filled with great grades and reports of being bullied, apparently because of his overweight body. There was a picture of his family too. Mother, father and brother, all fatter than him. I knew that his weight was a family tradition. But everything changed when he moved out. With his grades he got a great job and started to exercise, apparently, aiming for the supermodel life. After changing his look he was completely different person, he started to enjoy the life that he always wanted. Women at his feet, paying for his bills and buying him stuff. His favorite activity was to make fun of fat people in clubs and restaurants, he had become what he used to hate in school.

"I see that he WAS the perfect toy. But not anymore, what do you have in mind?" I asked intrigued. "Well, I know how you wanted someone to build and feed. What about breaking him? You have seen his body type, so you know where his fat will go. And you know that he'll do anything for the right amount of money. Something that you have plenty of" I started to blush thinking in all the things I would do to him. "I see you get the idea." I looked her at the eyes. "I like your way of thinking but I want to meet him before I do the trade." Angela stands up and walked to the other side of the room. I followed her. "I thought that you might want to, so I told him to come." I was standing next to one of the couches when she opened a door next to the back wall. Maxwell came out of it. He was wearing a black button shirt with dark blue jeans and black dress shoes. His hair was in the same style that in the picture and I could see that he was taller than me. Since I was 5'6 ft tall, I assumed he was 5'9 fts or something like that. His lips twisted when he saw me. "Miss Angelica. I thought you said that I beautiful woman was going to hire me. Not a short hippo" Angelica smiled and looked at me. I was, in fact, loving his cocky attitude. Breaking him was going to be fun. He didn't offend me. I'm not fat, just chubby, I've aways like the way my small pot belly looked in tight clothes. With an hourglass figure like mine I could have any man that I wanted. "I see that you were right Angelica. His attitude is in fact a challenge. Let me introduce me Maxwell. My name is Amelia Cruz and I'm going to be your new owner. Angelica please prepare him for the travel and come with me to prepare all the paper work" I walked off without letting him talk. He just went to the other room whispering things to Angelica.
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
Wonderful. Please continue when you can.
Soflo123 5 years
Very hot
Aquarius64 6 years
I love the scenario, but watch your spelling and grammar. Consumer/customer getting mixed up. Past/present/future tense getting mixed up. 'At' instead of 'on'. Etc.
WayTooThin 6 years
Please add more
FrecherTyp 7 years
Mhmmm in the its really hot ^^ end wow i would have a lot of ideas smiley