You're filling out nicely pig

Chapter 1

I was sitting on one of the cafeteria table, while I ate my slice of chocolate pie and enjoyed of my mochaccino, when I heard him. "Natasha? Is that you?" I immediately turned and saw him, my ex boyfriend Dante. "God, not him” I thought. We were together almost two years until he decided to cheat on me. The reason of this? I didn't want to have sex with him, I just wasn't ready. So he went and screw this drunk girl on a party and then marry her because she was going to have his child. I thought that with that he was going to leave me alone. But he kept calling me, from time to time, to tell me know how much he still loved me and bullshit like that.

The last time I had enough. He called me during a family dinner to tell me that he was having problems with his wife and needed someone to make him feel accompanied, he told me that it didn't bothered him that I was fat; he just wanted to fuck something. Being 5'7 and 180 pounds with an hourglass figure is enough reason to drive some men insane and I have always felt sexy even if I'm on the chubby side. I have a pretty decent face, kind of chubby, with puffy cheeks. My hair is naturally black and wavy and I like to keep it long. It looks great with my green eyes and white skin. But the situation was just too much, I told him to go fuck himself and that I didn't want to know anything about him anymore and just hung up. It had been more than a year since then.

"Hey Dante, how are you?" I looked up to face him and gave him a fake smile. He realized that, and smiled pretentiously "I'm great, thanks for asking, can I sit?" he didn't wait for an answer and sit next to me. He was pretty good looking, with dark brown hair and dark eye, taller than me, like 6'1 tall or so and with a light tan. He had an athletic complexion, not too muscular but not skinny, he was hot. "So, what are you doing here Nat?" I hated when people called me Nat, and he knew that. "Not much, just relaxing." I took a bite of the pie and he smiled "You've always had a sweet tooth, don't you. I see that it had started to catch up with you" he said, while he was poking my belly. I looked at him and said “Yes I guess, but that's something that never really bothered you." he laughed "Well not now, it’s not my problem if you become a pig. I have solved the problems with my wife you know. She told me that I was getting fat and she didn't like to be with fat guys." He pulled up his t-shirt to show me his abs “So I started to work-out and burned all the blubbler in just a few months. And now I even work as a stripper" said while he pulled down his shirt again and looked at me "You know, you can use some time at the gym too. And you may want to stay away from the candies for a while or you would never find someone as hot as me"

I was so pissed, that I just wanted to hit him. How he dared to talk to me like that? Who does he think he is? I wish I had some way to get back at him... Oh wait, I do have it. Didn't I tell you? I have mental powers; I can hypnotize and control people with just a few sentences. I decided that I needed more time to think in a proper punishment for him so I made my first move "You know what, I think that you're right, maybe I should lose some weight." He looked at my and smiled triumphantly. "Yes, of course I am right." I got a little closer to him and asked on a sexy voice "Do you know anyone that could help me with that?" "Well I can train you. I've got plenty of experience and I even have some machines at my house, we can train there” he said with a wink. *so typical of him* I put a serious look "But what about your wife? Wouldn't she be jealous?" He ate the rest of my pie and said "She isn't going to know. She's going to visit her mother in another state for 8 months, so we have plenty of time." Perfect.
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MrSlob1919 1 year
Excellent story. It's what got me into role reversal and contrast.
Aquarius64 6 years
I love your story! I think I’ve read it three times now. The spelling is on the whole fine, apart from the odd typo, which is forgivable. However, some of the grammar is not quite right. A person walks into a room not onto it. Some of the tenses get mixe
FrecherTyp 9 years
oh well now you made me very curious for your next planned story ;-)
FrecherTyp 11 years
oh so all the best luck with your studies Dear !
FrecherTyp 11 years
can read this one again and again ^^
Raido 12 years
Great story loved it!
FrecherTyp 12 years
i i so would have such an evil girl trying this hypnosis on me lol i doubt it would work but a sexy idea ^^
Belly_kitty 12 years
working on the story! the end is coming! I hope you guys would like it :S
Belly_kitty 12 years
I REALLY WANT TO! but It seems that I've lost my inspiracion. Also, I got in college! yey! and I have a lot of homework. But I really want to finish this storie, I think that it's going to have a romantic ending. ;3
Tommmy 12 years
Good luck with your exams we all look forward to read more this summer. Thanks
Tommmy 12 years
Yes I love it TOO!!\r\nPlease continue it soon I can't wait to see how FAT she makes him AND how slim and FIT she will end up in the end
Tommmy 13 years
wow GREAT!! Those weight gain shakes should really speed things up along with his regular stuffings. I can't wait to read more....
Belly_kitty 13 years
Sorry guys! I've been busy lately. But now I'm ready to continue.
Tommmy 13 years
I LOVE this story!!! I would love to read her getting in super fit and musculer shape from her dieting and working out every day while HE grows into a super fat 350 lbs. fatman please continie it soon
Belly_kitty 13 years
Thanks for all the kind world n_n I'll keep it like this then. and Legalizeme, as long as you credit me back here or on my deviantart account, please feel free to do it. n_n
Legalizeme 13 years
Just to add on. I've always fantasize of atheletic handsome strippers fattening up real good! Thank you for the story. smiley
Legalizeme 13 years
Can I have the permission to add it into my DeviantArt page? I'll also be adding some illustrations to go along with the story Warren Davis style. smiley
Legalizeme 13 years
Belly_kitty, this is far one of the best revenge base BHM stories I've read. Please write more! You have a talent in BHM erotism! I love your detailed transformations!
Belly_kitty 13 years
It's getting kind of long isn't? I'm running out of idea and we're just in the middle of the sotory so I think I'm going to speed it up. thank you so much for all the support in my first storie ;D
Shavip 13 years
I like the update. Can't wait to see what comes next.
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