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3 days
A chubby man is taken captive by a sweet, lonely sorceress. Constructive criticism is welcome :)
1080 views, 19 likes, 8 comments
Darren begins to feel tired with his job as a weight loss instructor, until he meets Sophie; a blond chubby cutie.
4048 views, 20 likes, 5 comments
Fun and fat. This is my first try at a story. English is my second language, btw.
814 views, 2 likes, 4 comments
**UPDATED 2/22** An SSBBW hairdresser slowly descends into immobility with help from her nurturing (female) feeder.
16 chapters, lesbian female
25680 views, 29 likes, 11 comments
A man recounts the story of him meeting his wife, and her eventual gain over the mean years that lead to the moment for which this story starts. (Hey this is my first story comments, concerns and criticism is highly appreciated) (Very Slow)
20071 views, 11 likes, 7 comments
18 hours
A story told from the perspective of Ryan who meets a girl named Mary who is a bit overweight that is looking for a feeder, but she isnít aware of what Ryan has in stores for her.
399 views, 4 likes, 2 comments
The epic saga of Pepper Gellman, who goes from wannabe plus-size model to body-positive head of her own empire (contains themes of cannibalism and slow gain). PS - For some reason it's cutting off the last few words in each chapter even though I'm below
20452 views, 16 likes, 8 comments
4 days
A small time plus-size magazine model goes back to her family home.
9965 views, 7 likes, 0 comments
Paul and Jim have hooked up with two nice fat girls. Who want to fatten up Paul and Jim. Paul and Jim like being fattened up, but donít want to admit it. So who is fooling who?
4940 views, 16 likes, 2 comments
Kali is your average girl that needs to fill a void in her life and finds a new job that just might do it. What she doesn't know is this new job will make her gain a whole lot more than just cash. (Updated)
60272 views, 56 likes, 18 comments
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