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In the midst of confusion and lust, two best friends let their love blossom while fate makes them its bitch
1588 views, 8 likes, 7 comments
Role reversal
12 chapters, straight male
19993 views, 24 likes, 9 comments
A business executive reflects on the pounds she added on her way to the top and the drastic measures she took to get there
1674 views, 13 likes, 2 comments
She was tall, trim and toned, but was she really happy?
34385 views, 25 likes, 17 comments
Fatboy’s New life
4203 views, 11 likes, 4 comments
John McClare turns into a fat little glutton thanks to his wife Daniella!
1858 views, 6 likes, 3 comments
NEW CHAPTER ADDED May 1st A secretary finds a way to keep herself entertained at her new job, much to the boss's girlfriend's dismay.
14381 views, 42 likes, 16 comments
2 days
Leah finally get's a chance to write for the local paper just in time for Thanksgiving.
478 views, 2 likes, 2 comments
Chapter 1 is based on recent true events, after that it moves on into fantasy
2153 views, 12 likes, 1 comment
Quick, short and silly story about Thanksgiving...
345 views, 2 likes, 2 comments
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