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Megan and Declan had been friends for years, but only ever just friends. One night changes that and opens up a whole new side to their relationship one which made them both very happy. Romance, consensual gaining.
13140 views, 14 likes, 5 comments
7 hours
Fit twenty something Oliver is captured by a stunning woman who has dark plans for her new companion, he was to become fat for her, so very very fat..
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Declan meets a new woman in his life and feels content with his lot. He didn't know his new wife's history though, nor her future plans
8 chapters, 0 male immobility
35929 views, 51 likes, 25 comments
Read as these two skinny twins turn fat duo to their greedy desires. Read them get embarrassed and made fun of with their extra pounds. Plus more than Lauren and Lisa gain weight! Spin off from Marie
18964 views, 18 likes, 7 comments
Magic, revenge
12078 views, 14 likes, 8 comments
Weight gain, revenge, role reversal and feminisation
16645 views, 21 likes, 9 comments
Revenge weight gain
39247 views, 24 likes, 6 comments
21133 views, 25 likes, 4 comments
4 months
Mutual gaining
12212 views, 20 likes, 7 comments
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