Don’t deny the boss


chapter 1 big temptation

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Adam had a pretty good life, all things considered.

He worked for a top marketing agency, which was just the right combination of not too much work with just enough pay to live comfortably.

He was living with an amazing girlfriend, Hannah, who was training to be the top gymnast in the country.

There were just two things causing him issues.

One, he was secretly a feeder. He had known that from when he was young. He knew it was a destructive fetish, so he never tried it with any of his previous girlfriends. And he loved Hannah enough that he was willing to spend the rest of the life with her when he finally proposed.

The other problem was more... unique.

His Boss was in love with him.

Gloria Westing, head of West marketing was a very hard woman to say no to. She was a 10/10 knockout, with an impossibly curvy figure, and flowing red hair.

Adam knew Gloria was in love with him from spending a few too many Christmas parties with her, in which she confessed her feelings to him under a complete haze of alcohol. She said all the things she wanted to do to him. The offer was tempting, but Adam didn't want to break Hannah's heart. But ever since then he noticed the way Gloria looked at him, like a tiger on the prowl for her prey.

It was never overt enough that Adam felt the need to report it to HR. So he felt he would just let it go, not ruin his good job.

Today, he was just getting to work. He had kissed Hannah goodbye that morning as she was on her way to a meeting with her trainer. As he was setting up his workstation he got a message from Gloria that she wanted to talk with him in her office.

He knocked, and heard her voice say "Come in!"

She was sitting behind her desk, dressed in her sharp business suit, as always.

"I wanted to ask you if the Crowley deal went through."

"Not yet, but i think we are definitely close."

"Good. Good."

Adam turned to leave when Gloria interrupted him.

'Wait. One more thing."

Gloria stood up.

"Adam... do you find me... Attractive?"
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Karenjenk 3 years
Only 25 likes???

I love this line:
"more belly and breast meat than woman."