Freeing the trainer


chapter 1 - just another day

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"Three, two one, and... done! Way to go Alan!"

I collapsed to my hands and knees, my core burning intensely from the workout I just did. I hated core day, but with my desk job it was important to keep myself fit.

My trainer offered me a hand, and I took it, and gazed into the face of an angel.

Tracy was one of the most striking woman I had ever seen. Vibrantly red hair, piercing green eyes, a tight waist and prominent bust. She was well toned all across her body. Even if I thought she could use a few extra (hundred) pounds here and there, she certainly was part of the reason I made sure to be on time to the gym every week.

"That was a good plank. two minutes and twenty three seconds, that's about your record."

"Can... we call it a day?"

"Why Alan, you got somewhere to be?"

'I might."

'Alright. I got plans tonight too. Hit the showers."

After feeling the sweet relief of the cold shower on my hot skin. I exited the showers and got my stuff from the locker, seeing Tracy waiting by the front desk.

"So what are your plans for tonight?" She asked me as we were walking to our cars.

"Oh I'm seeing someone." I said, hoping she wouldn't see through my lie. For a moment I thought I saw disappointment in her eyes, but I told myself that it was just wishful thinking.

"That's nice. Haven't really been able to go out on dates since quarantine ended. I'm just going to have some drinks with friends."

"Well that can be fun too."

"Yeah, it can be. See you next week, and it's leg day."

"Oh joy." I said in a deadpan voice.

"Oh stop it. it beats the alternative."

We said goodbye and went out separate ways. I was just in time, the stream was about to start.

LusciuousLucy came on stream, her bikini barely holding back the globs of fat that were her breasts.

"Hey there honeys. today we have takeout from 3 different places, lets see if I can finish it all.

You see, I was a FA, and a feeder. i loved the process of watching skinny little girls give into pure joy and gluttony. It's why I was attracted to Lucy, who started off as a little pipsqueak before gorging herself to the obese beauty I saw before me.

I closed my eyes and listened to her passionately stuffing herself, my heart racing as I imagine d it was Tracy instead, eating away her perfect chiseled body. I was so exhausted from the workout I must have passed out, because the next thing I remember is waking up in my dark apartment with my phone ringing.

It was Tracy.
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Jazzman 1 year
Your writing and plots are nice. I enjoyed the story. I wish however that you would use the word you're when it is called for. It would kick things up a notch. Just sayin'