The professor was a feedee


chapter 1- college daze

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"Wake up!"

Nathan shot awake. Standing in front of him was his teacher, Ms.Blake. She was staring at him with her smokey grey eyes. The rest of the class was snickering at him.

Man he hated 830 am classes.

"Care to explain what we were talking about?" She asked him, surely looking to embarrass him.

Luckily for him, he was a light sleeper, and was able to partially listen while he slept.

"A balanced diet is the best way to keep weight off, as well as regular exercise."

She smirked. "very good. But try not to drool next time."

He angrily wiped drool from his mouth.

"Now I believe we are out of time for today. I'll see you all on wednesday. And Nathan, please try to get more sleep."

Without responding, Nathan grabbed his bag and left.

Ms. Blake was usually pretty lenient. It was one of the reasons he liked her so much.

That and she was smoking hot.

She was fresh out of grad school, so she was only 25, compared to his age of 20. Sure, she might be a rake compared to his usual interests, but her dark black hair and fine face meant he was usually drooling metaphorically, instead of physically.

He got back to his dorm room, and was once again so glad he was able to get a single. He turned on his PC and went to his favorite website: Fantasy Feeder.

When he meant that Ms. Blake was a little rake like for his tastes, that was a massive understatement. As he looked at the pictures of his favorite feedee models, he allowed himself to imagine what Ms.Blake would look like at similar sizes, and idea that was getting him hot and bothered.

It was then that he noticed that the forum was all abuzz over a new user. Someone called "V-Belly-Buster"

She was someone looking to gain, and from the photos she was thin as a rail. In all her photos her face was either offscreen or blurred out, a smart move, as there absolutely were some creeps in this community.

As he observed her he noticed her raven black hair, and the clothes she was wearing-

Nathan froze.

The clothes she was wearing were exactly what Ms.Blake was wearing today.
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I am very ready for this to be a looooong story... I'm loving it.
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2-This is an amazing set up!
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