l.b.l up

#001 /hello world/

I was about seventeen when It finally happened, when the strange and super natural force known as Lbl Up made its way into my life and made it vastly more enjoyable. At the time it happened I was about seventeen and the typical outsider kid pretty but flat chested with a pretty face and unnaturally bright blue hair color I mainintained at some expense, but the thing was I was in the unfortunate position of being not smart and fat enough to be a nerd, and lacking the proverbial Pompoms and pezaz to be a cheer leader. So I existed in a between state and a rather enjoyable one at that . You see while ostracized from the other nerds for being at least a tiny bit likely to have sex with a real physical female I was actually pretty talented in the typical nerd field. And not even a hacker as so many others at my skill level and age saw themselves I was just a straight up software developer I liked building things that were clever and was some way into creating my first app. So I exsisted in a happy sort of limbo I watched the other girls dance and giggle from afar and came home to my step mother and her daughter went upstairs into my room and slipped into my little world of technobabble and logical brilliance, until the day a piece of software popped into existence on my phone.

It all started when I was relaxing in the large and luxurious place I called my bedroom. It had all the necessities needed for a young lady such as myself exactly one poster of a game franchise you've never heard of, a surprisingly spacious double bed and a tricked out rig that could run anything currently released on the market. I was relaxing on the aforementioned bed when it happened I was listening to the sound of a monsoon on my headphones to help me try and find the flaw in my code that was causing it to break and yet in a fashion I probably should have been more suspicious of I heard my phone release the guitar riff of Smoke On The Water over the sound of a monsoon. I knew what that riff meant and that was a successful installation of something, this was as you can imagine rather disconcerting for somebody well aware of the evil doing capabilities of the internet and yet when I checked it out it seemed pretty benign it was a strange little app with a silhouette of a curvy looking woman on it with a blue one next to her. I figured it couldn't hurt to check it out after all if i was suspicious I could probably purge it out of the system after right?. So I opened it up and a saw brief flashing of a logo in black and dark purple lettering it read Lbl Up with a few runes around it for what I assumed was artistic reasons. Within a moment the logo cleared and my camera switched the app displaying an awkwardly angled shot of my room with text at the top saying in simple bubbly words "frame prey" with a little caricature of a woman being framed like a photograph. I wasn't at all put off by the language at play and switched the camera to selfie mode deciding to play at a bit of Doctor Jeckle esque self experimentation taking a few seconds to angle it at myself pushing the button bedazzled with the apps logo only to get an almost comical game show like sound that indicated that it hadn't worked red text flashing up on the screen reading "Prey Main User Imput Invalid" with a proto typical circle with a dash through it to indicate that this was a no go. So I decided that whatever this strange app was it was probably worth seeing what it was meant to do and i was so invested at this point I was willing to say hi to my step sister.

You see my father met her mother the same way most men meet vampiric money grabbing leeches, that time being right after she had gotten her first boob job. She was in a bar and he was in a mood for sex and after the sex he was in his bed and she was in the mood to live in his house. Now I'll hand it too her the woman was damn good at her craft it took her two months to get a proposal out of him, she made up some wholly untrue sob story about an ex and how she needed his help to stay in the country for her daughters sake. I resented her for how she was manipulating him but my father just assumed I was angry at her as an interloper rather than as a blatant thief. Which is why I wasn't as friendly to her daughter as I could've been when she first arrived I suppose i saw her mother in her as a quite busty Latina with pretty dark hair and shimmering blue eyes all I could see was her mothers Greed and admittedly my own lacking in the chest department. So when I should've been making peace I hosted the Salem Witch Trials. So we weren't on great terms when I whammied her with Lbl Up. She was relaxing on the couch at the living room next to the kitchen and was stretched out across the couch on the further most wall clad in a pair of daisy dukes and a baby blue spaghetti top that played well off her eyes and was fat slurries than anything in my own closet. I sat down on the parallel couch as she eyed me with tense eyes. "So you here to pick a fight or...." she asked trailing off her tone not quite as accusatory as it could have been given our past. "New show on wanna see if I like it" I said casually clapping my hands to signal our tv to come on putting it onto some cop procedural with less production values than the average porn productiom. Nevertheless I subjected myself too it for a few minutes until she had dropped her guard returning to her homework which I could tell out of the corner of my eye she was doing rather badly at. As she returned her gaze to her book I pulled out my phone and pointed it at her spending a few heart pounding seconds adjusting the frame till it contained her completely taking a deep breath before punching the button with one slim finger as a new overlay flashed onto the screen.

It had two rows along the top of the frame that had appeared around her only one of which was actually highlighted and two meters along the side one of which gave off a reading of 97 and the other seemed completely empty for the time being. I took a few minutes looking at the symbol I was about to push it was a black silhouette of a half eaten sandwich that seemed to have a kind of aura around it. Now at this point in time i was under the impression it was one of those apps that puts funny filters onto pictures so I quickly bottled my hesitation wondering to myself what could possibly go wrong as I pushed the button. The screen briefly flashed in a bright green rune that I could feel almost being seared into my brain as it encompassed her form contained within the box flashing green for a second. I was stunned for a few moments feeling like someone had imbedded a flash bang in my skull and set it off with a power drill but as the confusion passed I heard a sound i was unused to hearing within a house full of stick figured girls, it was a sound that was quite arousing to me personally. It was the sound of a stomach roaring for sustenance and it had emanated from my skinny little step sister. I quickly tucked my phone away and returned to my fake cop procedural as she shifted uncomfortably in place shooting a look at her bare midriff as it let out another thunderous growl as I side eyed with fascination as she got off the couch quickly practically jogging into the kitchen as she swung open the fridge like it owed her money and slammed it shut before jogging back to her chair. "Not a single word out of you" she warned me as she popped the cap and began to eat it raw out of the box. I was surprised on two fronts because normally my attempts to sneak fattening food into the house for my rivals to succumb to went discovered and promptly trashed and the fact that she was eating at all let alone with her bare hands had me frankly stunned, aroused, but stunned. She continued to gluten herself on it for a couple of minutes as I watched with a blanket over my body which I could only could cover the diamond cutters that were my nipples. She was eating like a machine eating handfuls of the stuff and then licking her fingers clean like she was possessed by some sort of unholy demon. And she kept going too even as it dripped into her expansive cleavage and begun to stain her pretty top she contained to eat and eat I watched in abject glee as she struggled to adjust her shorts no doubt strained from her guzzling it all. Then she did something astonishing hedonistic as like a wrestler before some impossibly flashy finishing move she tilted the thing too her lips drinking down the remnants with hungry gulping noises her belly now presenting a slight muffin top from the sheer amount of food consumed. Then she rubbed some of the ice cream from around her lips off with her hands before letting out a small belch and rolling over onto her side to continue studying not even touching or seeming to notice her stained top or for that matter what she had done even a few seconds prior. It took me a good few moments to calm myself after that and try and reason out what had happened. "She was munching on one of her depressing ass salads when I had come in which meant that there was zero chance she had done that of her own volition"I though to myself eyeing the slight bloated curve of her stomach and it had happened and due to the fact that at this point I was left with the ol Sherlocks Home quote that meant that no matter how impossible it seemed the thing that had to have caused her to do it was that app.
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Adsein 19 hours
Part 8 is up, no gaining but hopefully the teasing will tide you all over, it'll probably be a week before part 9 since I'm going to be a Halloween themed story
TJBHM 3 days
Thats ok. I will read it and still enjoy it. Would you like to chat in message just for ideas? I am not a great writer by any means but I can see talent in you.
Adsein 4 days
I'm not really sure how else to format it I'm afraid, I wouldn't know how to fix it
TJBHM 4 days
Hey I really enjoy this story but you need to work on your writing. It is really hard to follow because the block paragraphs make it an eye sore to read. Could you please fix?
Adsein 2 weeks
There may be a tiny delay in getting out part 7 since I'd like to work on some other projects, but it'll certainly be out before the end of the week
Ktm909 2 weeks
holy Moly, an idea! id have never have thought of that. Please keep writing I cant wait for the next chapter
Awesome story, can't wait for more!