The cursed competition

Chapter 1 - i: terms and conditions

I stood staring up at the massive mansion in the early days of winter many years ago. I stood with trepidation because it was by all accounts going to likely be my home for possibly years. It's massive walls of old cobble stone and iron wrought window sills, all of which stretching across easily four stories of macabre castle like architecture. It wasn't anybody barr possibly dracula's idea of welcoming. Needless to say I was a little concerned about the gloomy exterior so I steeled myself by pulling out the slip of paper that had brought my tight urban ass to the middle of nowhere. "Wizard's Apprentice, looking for those with the occasional aptitude for getting up to no good" I'd write the amount of dollars offered as a sign on bonus but it would probably take up the entire page.
I fit the requirements as a spunky young girl who liked metal more that pop and whose strained relationship with her mother had birthed a fair few years of mischief. Which meant I was no doubt brave enough to walk exactly four steps forward and ignore the fact the knocker was a skeleton. I was not brave enough to do either of those things, but I was tenacious so I bent down in a pose that I used to use to get stares from closeted high school girls and rolled myself a nice big snowball. Etiquette was thankfully not needed for the position as I learned when I tossed the giant ball of snow at the door the doors letting out a borderline cartoonish squeal as they rolled open leaving a relatively nice looking interior open for my perusal.
The place was as nice on the interior as it seemed from the exterior unfortunately barring the warm candle that had deceived me into thinking it'd be nicer the place was covered in a thin layer of dust and populated with enough cobwebs to get my arachnophobia going. I had slept in less cleanly environments before but that didn't mean I liked them so I was about ready to bolt till I saw the slightest hint of warmth in the vast creaky room. At the top of the large double doors embedded at the top of a staircase against the back wall a slight hint of light shun outward. It was rather metaphorical since the sign on bonus was the only light to me even taking a steady job again.
So I figured I'd check it out, turns out that walking in heels on floor boards as well assembled as a dentist's nightmare, is a bad idea and I tripped and feel, I managed to roll out of the way but when I got up I noticed something just a little bit strange staring down at me. It was a suite of armor, this in itself was not strange, I had seen episodes of scooby doo before, what made it weird was the fact it was clearly designed for a woman, this was only a little weird since the armor looked rather badass and really who doesn't want to be prepared for another a holy war. No the thing that made it strange was it's size and shape, the whole thing was massive, it's gut a perfect metal sphere that seemed to shimmer in the light pouring from the door. It's belly was as big as me and it's chest was just as over full each metal tit twice the size of my head with the tops sheared open for a nice boob window. The thighs were a skirt really which some part of me reasoned might've been because the wearer likely would've had theirs touching all the way down at such an absurd size.
As stated before I'm a girl who's hung out with the kind of crowds that get into trouble far more scary that a suit of armor. But something about the metal suite was drawing out something in me. It was distracting in a way that wasn't terrifying, like I could just get lost in my reflection in the spherical plate. I started at the mesmerizing metal for what felt like a minute before getting on my knees before it, it didn't feel like a choice. It felt like an instinct to do it, to frame myself perfectly in it's perfect sphere of shine, to let it examine me.
I stood in its mirrored surface and examined myself with high scrutiny. My black haired dark makeuped face staring back at me with a look of disdain as I slipped off my thick leather jacket to get a better look at myself my black tank top, while not the best winter wear was doing an excellent job of showing off my midriff my bra straps on display as well keeping my full set of D cups supported while showing an excellent amount of cleavage. And yet as I looked from there down to my tight skinny jeans something felt wrong with the picture. As a pressure built in the back of my head I tossed and turned my pretty face examining the mirror and my reflection in it. Then with a literally audible pop the pressure was gone and the issue seemed blatantly obvious, my clothes would be no use in a fight, no I needed armor, like the stuff in front of me, and some blubber too. I looked in the mirror and pondered hard at my new obsession I knew I wanted to wear the armor but the question was how. Then a second pop rung out and i realized the answer to that question as well. I looked in the mirrored surface and watched as my reflection began to swell outwards with the blubber I desperately needed to wear the glorious suit of armor. It started with little things like a slight softness in the cheeks, a tightness of my bra and jeans digging into me as my toned body gives away to softness thickening out slightly over the edges becoming plusher and softer. Then it began to accelerate the plush cheeks thickening into jowls on my face a double chin swelling outward. The rest of me following soon after as I placed my hands my sides feeling the giving blubber thicken into them, a newly formed belly sending the button of my jeans flying free as it flops viscously in two rolls onto my knees still growing gradually, a soft tearing beginning to echo through the room as my skinny jeans give way along the side to a set of jiggly adipose filled thunder thighs and an ass that flattens out behind me in a set of fat quaking rolls.
I sat there in a state of bliss as I waited to grow massive, to become big enough to fit the armor to have a gut big enough to warrant a crane. Then In a more sudden jolt I was knocked free of whatever it was I turned to see another girl staring down at me I quickly realized that I was still skinny and that nothing had changed. "Ummm, you alright love, it's an odd set of mail but..." she started to say trailing off it reminded me I had company so I smiled up at her. "Yeah, just fixing some makeup in it to leave the right impression" I said with a smile as I rose, pausing as I felt my jeans slide down, the glint of small copper button just a few steps away.
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GrowingLover 4 years
Loved the whole ride this story traversed through and a delightful ending to boot leaving everything else up to the reader's imagination was a nice finishing touch.=)
Adsein 4 years
As of chapter 30 this story has reached it's conclusion. Thank you all for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it.
Danget 4 years
More than 1 victory scene? At least that is the implication.
This is gonna be good if so.
Amazing as always
Theswordsman 4 years
At the rate Dakota's going i wouldn't ve surprised if she became an actual barn animal
Big Chief 4 years
This is a great story. Can’t wait to see where it goes.
Adsein 4 years
Adsein 4 years
The delightful cover art was done by 0pick 0oort on Deviantart. Full res can be found in the comment above this one.
Fa7h15101 4 years
Love it! Where can we find the splash art?
GrowingLover 4 years
Yay an update to this delightful and soon to be a wild roller coaster ride of a story. Be fun to see how they'll interact and react with both themselves and the magical mischief that'll ensue.