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It's Thanksgiving and the devious Dr. John Waterson is about to be introduced to his girlfriend's family for the 1st time , what will that lead to ... ?!
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In this case, the saying "an apple a day keep the doctor away" is spot on when a young woman named Deborah finds herself visiting the doctor after 2 years. After he realizes she's gained, there's no keeping this doctor away any longer. A short story inclu
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Mmm. Getting greedy and slower
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Secretly feeding my girlfriend and seeing BIG results!
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Judy is dumped by her long time boyfriend. She decides to join her friend Tracy for a summer vacation up north. Then she decides to write a cookbook about getting fat & problems begin. (A silly adventure for those who think they'd like to be chubby.)
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Abbey is in a quite distressing situation...
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Based pretty loosely on my first date with my Fiance.
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She was tall, trim and toned, but was she really happy?
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A couple fulfills their wildest sexual fantasies with Somni, a device that can link and control their dreams. But the more they explore, the more their dream becomes a reality... Contains sexual content. More to come (Posted: 9/29 Updated: 10/19)
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