A business executive reflects on the pounds she added on her way to the top and the drastic measures she took to get there
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In the midst of confusion and lust, two best friends let their love blossom while fate makes them its bitch
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2 days
Leah finally get's a chance to write for the local paper just in time for Thanksgiving.
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Amelia has just graduated high school and discides to get a grinder profile when she is feeling lonely
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4 days
An overworked and underpaid employee finally gets the power she always wanted to finally lose control and be a fat slob without consequence. **Updated 11/21 2x times And continuing**
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I already posted a more fantasy story about feeding my wife. THIS, though, is the 100% true version! What mealtime's really like in our happy home:
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5 days
weight gain
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When the ex-fat Lauren finds a salon that claims to reverse age, she decides to try it out. pretty short story
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6 days
Largest binge of my entire life
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A story about a girl with a bit of a belly... Let me know what you think
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