Vicky and John have been married for nearly a decade. They have tried so hard to have a baby. After many failed pregnancies and adoptions, Vicky is certain that she will never become a mother. But maybe John can change that...
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2 months
A tired and worn out girl arrives home late from work, and does something incredibly- wonderfully stupid to try and relieve her stress. To her surprise, it works! And does far more than she ever thought possible. Yes, I am the very same from DA- more wh
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5 months
This story will be a sort of biography focused on the development of my fetish and how its changed.
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Allison discovers a pill that promises absolute pleasure, but she ends up having a bit more than she can handle. An inflation story with a bit of science fantasy.
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The true story of how my boyfriend turned me into a feeder.
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7 months
regan has always been a little too greedy, but when she becomes the pig pet of a scientist with a sexual preference leaning toward deviancy, she'll learn that she's bit off more than she can chew.
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