22 hours
After a Norse King throws and evil witch out of his kingdom, she puts a curse on the kings most beautiful daughter.
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5 days
My first story Don't hold back on the feedback :)
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3 weeks
This is a request story :) Bobby has been married to Alison for 2 years, but she feels there's something missing. A trip to the local Occult shop changes everything with the click of her fingers
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A girl who is looking to gain in a short amount of time falls down a path of magic and gaining
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A normal teen, a strange scale, and a huge change.
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Silly story. Declan and his boyfriend go for a night at the fairground. Dec doesn't believe in the fortune tellers powers, he soon will.
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THIS IS PURE FANTASY (i speak spanish, there will be mistakes probably jeje)
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2 years
Tales of a demon of Gluttony, who is enjoying his new status. All the while remembering the tale of a Valley girl. (chapter added June 7, 2016)
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Andrea's boss gets what coming to her as she begins to grow
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6 years
She chewed her lip, unable to decide. She cooed and grunted in indecision, while her belly innocently awaited further nourishment. (originally posted at DA)
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