Andrea's boss gets what coming to her as she begins to grow
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6 years
She chewed her lip, unable to decide. She cooed and grunted in indecision, while her belly innocently awaited further nourishment. (originally posted at DA)
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Chloe has everything going for herself. She is 16, has a goddess of a body shape, and is one of the most popular girls in school. However, that all will change...
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10 months
Another tale of urban fantasy. Let's see how you Lisa handles the power of her new witches cookbook.
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Another one from the vault. After discovering her partner's collection of SSBBW pornography, an angry and confused Claire gets a chance to find out what being fat is all about.
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Silly story. Declan and his boyfriend go for a night at the fairground. Dec doesn't believe in the fortune tellers powers, he soon will.
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1 month
This was my very first piece of erotic weight gain literature. In this story, Jenny wishes she had had been more impulsive throughout her college years leading to a radical transformation of her body and everything she thought she knew.
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Another oldie, but a goodie. Wrote this about two years ago. As she goes off to college, Stacey is unhappy with her appearance. She wants to be the embodiment of desire for every man. With a gift from her close friend, she will get just that.
15462 views, 21 likes, 4 comments
An old story I wrote two years ago about a married couple who finds the perfect cure for a sexual rut.
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4 years
Regardless if you prefer your eggs from caged chickens or free roaming, these ones certainly will give a new look on what some eggs can do for you.
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