4 months
A brood of children --- and a loving husband --- conspire to give one woman the ultimate mom bod. ** CH 7 posted 9/9/17 **
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2 months
After a Norse King throws and evil witch out of his kingdom, she puts a curse on the kings most beautiful daughter.
6396 views, 14 likes, 1 comment
A man meets a girl. They fall in love. He spoils her and soon things begin to change...
44957 views, 55 likes, 18 comments
A self proclaimed yo yo dieter finds out the path she really should follow. * *Adding new chapters every few days* *
57081 views, 18 likes, 12 comments
Brooke has just found out she is pregnant and is terrified about getting a belly but Jessie will grow her own for mutual support.
14350 views, 30 likes, 6 comments
Written from two perspectives, a pregnant porn star and her jealous also pregnant physician observe each others' changes over the course of months.
10609 views, 7 likes, 7 comments
My first commission from Hypo01. A bitter college students casts a malicious hex on a lecturer after receiving poor grades.
4684 views, 5 likes, 2 comments
The second chapter from a commission from Hypo01. A bitter college student casts a malicious hex on a lecturer.
4361 views, 14 likes, 6 comments
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