2 years
John finds a job and as his wallet expands so dose his waist, by the way this story contains sexual actions and stuffing
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The true story of how my boyfriend turned me into a feeder.
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Andrea's boss gets what coming to her as she begins to grow
3778 views, 6 likes, 2 comments
jennifer finds someone else to feed.
27092 views, 17 likes, 14 comments
1 week
Person at a salad bar admires a fatty waddling around the grocery store deli
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False imprisonment. Force feeding. Extreme humiliation. Slob. Bondage. Extreme dominance.
4930 views, 3 likes, 3 comments
3 months
Emily had everything she could ever want, but she angered the wrong people, her perfect figure that she loved will ruined. She will get bigger than she could even imagine!(contains- female weight gain, stuffing, force feeding, and kidnapping)
127840 views, 46 likes, 33 comments
Based on real events, health problems, BDSM, substance abuse, hetero and lesbian sex,
8299 views, 9 likes, 5 comments
3 weeks
An eager guy named Ralph signs a contract to become the Feedee of a coy Female Feeder, Sally. This is the story of his descent dominated into gluttonous and ravenous obesity.
10931 views, 30 likes, 11 comments
talking about my smoking fetish and poor health
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