2 years
John finds a job at a large burger joint his boss tim wants him as fat as possible and things take a turn for the best when they find out the possibility of love!
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A mother and daughter's hungers are satisfied. I'll keep going if you like it and comment - lmk.
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An American woman born in Bosnia is recruited by a secret agency to fill out evil dictator Kim Jong Un.
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After the death of his wife, Dad unintentionally enables his son to grow, and becomes a submissive father in the process. Featuring Vegan food, growth to immobility and mild gay incest at the end of the story's final chapter. Enjoy!
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Ethan is an attractive boy fresh out of high school with a promising future. His future WAS promising, that is, before his attractive classmate Asher kidnapped him to turn him into the dumb, immobile pet pig he'd always wanted.
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Amelia has just graduated high school and discides to get a grinder profile when she is feeling lonely
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1 month
An interesting encounter leads to a relationship between a gluttonous fat college professor and his cute curvy student. Contains cannabis and beer at one point to encourage hunger.
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I already posted a more fantasy story about feeding my wife. THIS, though, is the 100% true version! What mealtime's really like in our happy home:
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When the ex-fat Lauren finds a salon that claims to reverse age, she decides to try it out. pretty short story
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3 months
A young girl finds an unusual new app on her phone that seems to be super natural in nature and begins to wield it against the women in her life for justice and pleasure New chapters every three days
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