3 weeks
This is a request story :) Bobby has been married to Alison for 2 years, but she feels there's something missing. A trip to the local Occult shop changes everything with the click of her fingers
13272 views, 36 likes, 8 comments
Lily was always the skinny girl at the office. One day her appetite grew as did her figure. This story is a Mystery.
2763 views, 6 likes, 2 comments
A girl who is looking to gain in a short amount of time falls down a path of magic and gaining
4195 views, 18 likes, 5 comments
What happens when a girl gets sent to a weight lose clinic after her boy friend finds her pigging out once.
1958 views, 9 likes, 2 comments
5 months
Moving to the Netherlands to work on an organic farm, a young American gradually grows Dutch.
31004 views, 21 likes, 9 comments
2 years
John finds a job and as his wallet expands so dose his waist and Mr. Grant pushes him to his edge.
30711 views, 9 likes, 1 comment
After falling for the captivating and curvy Jessica, you become her feedee. Seeing you gain weight causes Jessica's feedee side to emerge.
74059 views, 58 likes, 34 comments
A story I wrote a few years ago about a man and a woman who after a quick engagement realize that they are both feeders. New bonus chapter added.
24080 views, 16 likes, 3 comments
Pearl discovers what she had been missing in her relationship with Sheena after witnessing a messy meal, and comes up with a devious, spur-of-the-moment plan. (Content Warning: Stuffing, Weight Gain, Impaired Mobility, No Sexually Explicit Content)
1964 views, 10 likes, 1 comment
Coming close to a conclusion on this one. If you haven't checked this story out, there's lots of mutual gaining, eating, and sex. Jane and David have embraced immobility and it shows.
212301 views, 62 likes, 26 comments
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