A chubby redhead tricks her boyfriend to stay with her in hopes of falling in love after she fakes a pregnancy. Uses him to fatten her up. Read and enjoy
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3 months
If you don't like ddlg don't read
18363 views, 17 likes, 5 comments
2 months
Made by author of 'Lizzie's Weight Gain Journey!' My fictional story of two chubby lesbians!
39374 views, 29 likes, 5 comments
While being fed by her Domme feeder live online with an audience of feeders and fat appreciators, a committed feedee reveals herself to the world when she reaches her 500lb milestone.
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2 weeks
The Dream of Sam. To become immense...
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After falling for the captivating and curvy Jessica, you become her feedee. Seeing you gain weight causes Jessica's feedee side to emerge.
73788 views, 58 likes, 34 comments
A sensuous succubus fattens you up. Will you trade your soul for the sinful pleasures of gluttony and lust? As dark a story as I have ever written. Enjoy.
21034 views, 22 likes, 11 comments
What happens when Samantha goes past her weight gain goal, but her lover won't stop fattening her up? Contains sexual scene and pastries.
52551 views, 40 likes, 22 comments
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