Kandi's previous handiwork (Dark stuff.)
4074 views, 29 likes, 7 comments
My ongoing real life gaining adventures as a feedee, from 400 lbs to 500 (final chapter added April 29th)
59311 views, 44 likes, 17 comments
Olivia and the Freshman 15 (or 40)
1058 views, 9 likes, 2 comments
jennifer finds someone else to feed.
11825 views, 15 likes, 12 comments
X rated. Some serious sexy talk here. A man helps his girlfriend to truly expand her horizons.
7 chapters, straight male
5448 views, 9 likes, 2 comments
2 days
A quick one shot of a dream I had to reignite my writing flame. A young woman is fattened by her long term boyfriend. Features unrealistic gains
552 views, 0 likes, 0 comments
Two fat work friends get thrown together on a six-month project and romance and weightgain ensue.
3612 views, 6 likes, 6 comments
2 months
A bad little pig gets her punishment doled out and realizes just what she is in for in the future.
4900 views, 28 likes, 8 comments
A long, slow, but hopefully enjoyable WG fairy tale. A simple baker's apprentice, Niall's life takes a turn for the strange as, one evening, seemingly out of nowhere, a mysterious young woman emerges into it.
41773 views, 34 likes, 54 comments
The story of my love for food and how I discovered feederism.
14125 views, 25 likes, 11 comments
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