3 months
Now, Jessica begins to learn that her boyfriend will be driven to fatten her to an enormous size. Tell me what U think. TY .. JM
23 chapters, 0 female romance
30743 views, 19 likes, 12 comments
When two friends meet up after 5 years one of them looks a littke different.
1243 views, 7 likes, 0 comments
Cat-fishing gone right on the story of a single date. Contains: Elements of weight gain, breaking furniture, stuck in tight places, stuffing, humiliation, and romance
4698 views, 14 likes, 4 comments
Lauren goes to her favourite pizza place.
5037 views, 9 likes, 5 comments
After staying with her family over Christmas, a young woman meets the man of her dreams on her flight home. But her family does not approve of his size.
2085 views, 6 likes, 0 comments
You think you know a story inside and out but to get to the heart of the story you've got to go back to the beginning
2 chapters, straight male
726 views, 6 likes, 0 comments
jennifer finds someone else to feed.
26623 views, 17 likes, 14 comments
**New Chapters 20/07** Ryan is the son of a wealthy cattle farmer, and has fallen for Nicole. But how can he make​ sure she isn't going to leave him?
12 chapters, straight female
27917 views, 28 likes, 10 comments
A young man develops an unnatural hunger, and needs to get to the bottom of it before it's too late... 2/15/17: I'm back! Making some needed typo fixes, adding new content!
48132 views, 29 likes, 15 comments
5 months
Set in the year 2025, one mans dream for utopia is tested. Can he achieve the impossible or will there be problems with a self run town? (BBW/Weight Gain/Acceptance) Entire story edits and cleanup!
22961 views, 33 likes, 7 comments
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