Boyfriend secretly fattens up his girlfriend.
1 chapter, straight male
999 views, 4 likes, 2 comments
Reporter dons a fat suit to write a story. Little did she know.....
58658 views, 44 likes, 20 comments
1 week
Meeting with an ex is always awkward. Even more so when they might've gotten more attractive since you've broken up. (Based on a semi-true story. Male lead, queer female gainer.)
1916 views, 8 likes, 3 comments
Feeding my fat lover
6502 views, 13 likes, 2 comments
Chericia becomes fat itself. And revels in it.
1098 views, 6 likes, 0 comments
Chericia's Extreme Weight Gain Journey.
910 views, 4 likes, 0 comments
A long, slow, but hopefully enjoyable WG fairy tale. A simple baker's apprentice, Niall's life takes a turn for the strange as, one evening, seemingly out of nowhere, a mysterious young woman emerges into it.
69039 views, 49 likes, 60 comments
2 years
You have a crush on two women at your school, a wide teacher, and a fat student. Why have one when you can have them both? (There is some lesbian action too)
19 chapters, straight female
74971 views, 32 likes, 18 comments
You wash up on Calypso's island. She is hesitant to love, but you may break the mold.
2246 views, 11 likes, 3 comments
A young woman posts an ad for a new roommate. Luckily, a man quickly responds. Little does he know what she has in store for him. Part 5 posted. 9.17.17
18368 views, 51 likes, 22 comments
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