A mother and daughter's hungers are satisfied. I'll keep going if you like it and comment - lmk.
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Personal trainer realises there’s more to life than exersise
17 chapters, straight male
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3 days
Beth was just a normal college student, with no plans for the future when Mr. F approached her with a modeling job, only to find not all that glitters is gold.
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4 days
An overworked and underpaid employee finally gets the power she always wanted to finally lose control and be a fat slob without consequence. **Updated 11/21 2x times And continuing**
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A couple fulfills their wildest sexual fantasies with Somni, a device that can link and control their dreams. But the more they explore, the more their dream becomes a reality... Contains sexual content. More to come (Posted: 9/29 Updated: 11/20)
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Young fat man comes under the spell of a Jewish SSBBW Queen.
9 chapters, straight male
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What happens when inactivity strikes
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After being kept prisoner by Carter, Stacy has gained weight and is suffering from an identity crisis. She is then tricked into receiving a breast augmentation and while recovering she develops a relationship with Lindsey.
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I already posted a more fantasy story about feeding my wife. THIS, though, is the 100% true version! What mealtime's really like in our happy home:
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5 days
weight gain
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