Judy is dumped by her long time boyfriend. She decides to join her friend Tracy for a summer vacation up north. Then she decides to write a cookbook about getting fat & problems begin. (A silly adventure for those who think they'd like to be chubby.)
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I find myself leaving the Candy shop quite a bit heavier than I came in...
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This story does not have the same format as many other stories featured here on fantasy feeder. It draws from gothic horror tradition by the likes of bram stoker and Edgar Allan Poe. There are even a few direct quotes. It also draws on traditional and m
11 chapters, straight male
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3 years
Starts off slow, Suspenseful,. A new client requires services if not servitude to a young entrepenuer (my first story)
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5 months
When his boss offers him the opportunity of a lifetime, Fry and his friends start to live life however they want to, no matter the consequences.
13 chapters, straight male
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Cole and Keaton move to LA and crash at their friend's mansion. There, Cole meets an interesting man, Jayce, who will forever change his life. This is NOT a realistic story by any means. Artwork: Spike4646 on DeviantArt
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Boyfriend secretly fattens up his girlfriend.
1 chapter, straight male
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Reporter dons a fat suit to write a story. Little did she know.....
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Feeding my fat lover
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Chericia becomes fat itself. And revels in it.
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