2 years
Discovering the path that led to a fattening future for an athletic runner.
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The Final Chapter in the "Madame Bigger Trilogy"
13306 views, 11 likes, 6 comments
A young girl which never felt love, accidentally found love of her live. They met because of his fetish and she wants to make him happy. This story is based on real life story of my relationship with my girlfriend.
12303 views, 14 likes, 4 comments
A man meets a girl. They fall in love. He spoils her and soon things begin to change...
71269 views, 64 likes, 19 comments
2 months
Trudy is determined to find a way of fattening up her dancer boyfreind ....edited
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1 month
Elliott Welsh went on a camping trip with his senior class. Elliott gets sperated from his class, and unkownly travels farther into the forest.
4325 views, 7 likes, 0 comments
Girl on girl, explicitly sexual. A fit girl feeds a chubby girl and they enjoy each other.
6264 views, 11 likes, 3 comments
During one of the rare moments Sarah has the house all to herself, she decides to fulfill her dream of having a huge round tight belly
12615 views, 29 likes, 3 comments
In the midst of confusion and lust, two best friends let their love blossom while fate makes them its bitch
38787 views, 22 likes, 21 comments
Thanks to a Christmas miracle a girl has got some more pounds on her hips.
3656 views, 11 likes, 2 comments
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