A young, pig of a man gets taken and is forced to be a pet for a sadistic group of people
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Gold-digging skinny chick Birttany bites off more than she can chew when she's taken to Grayson's house for a meal... WARNING: CONTAINS DARK AND SEXUAL THEMES
2798 views, 21 likes, 2 comments
3 months
You can find anything on the deep web, if youre willing to search. (BHM, XWG, Dark, Death). Edited for typos and re uploaded with some better descriptions and more content on 7/1/2017
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4 months
Made by author of 'Lizzie's Weight Gain Journey!' My fictional story of two chubby lesbians!
54979 views, 37 likes, 5 comments
I made a collage and wrote a short story for it.
3966 views, 18 likes, 4 comments
A young boy is kidnapped and forced to his limits (Edited on 7/6 with different ending)
38781 views, 25 likes, 10 comments
The true story of how my boyfriend turned me into a feeder.
8683 views, 13 likes, 3 comments
Desmond's new feedee is so flirty & fun that she has captured his heart. But can he keep her safe from the Monster inside him? Wgt gain, dark themes, but no gore. Collabs: Ivette & Wolfofrage. Model: "GrowMeBigger." Story complete! Comments & likes welco
23390 views, 17 likes, 7 comments
Daesti Derecho and Lina Lazuli, two adventurous and freewheeling young women, get more than they bargained for when they find themselves in a strange city.
18103 views, 10 likes, 6 comments
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