Feederism terminology

So, you’ve stumbled onto Fantasy Feeder and you’re looking to see what it’s all about? The word feederism may seem like a scary subject to broach. There’s lots of terms that are used on Fantasy Feeder and online that are linked with feederism and fat fetishism. We have come up with a brief summary of common questions and terms to give you the low down on what’s what. This will help you figure out where you fit in and what interests you!

Is used to described people who are actively or interested in the process of gaining weight or helping, encouraging others to gain weight for sexual gratification. It is also the fetish term that summarises the fat fetish community as a whole.

What is a feeder?
A feeder is a person who is interested and turned on by actively helping others to gain weight, usually by encouraging feedee’s and setting weight gain goals, but also by providing food for their feedee. They are sexually attracted to people with larger figures but are also interested in others becoming fatter. Anyone, at any size can be a feeder at any. However, you tend to find that they are generally slimmer and are interesting fattening others but not themselves.

What is a feedee?
A feedee is a person who actively gains weight with the assistance of a feeder. Feedee’s can be any size, from small to supersize, and their goal is to continually grow bigger and fatter. Feedee’s derive sexual gratification from being fat and gaining weight and proactively try to put on weight as part of a daily routine. Please do bear in mind that not all feedee’s want to become immobile and have their own limits and goals.

What is a foodee?
A foodie is someone who enjoys eating but are not focused on gaining weight as a result. Their weight can fluctuate and do gain weight, but the primary interest is just in food and the sexual feelings developed from eating and tasting.

What is a gainer/mutual gainer?
A gainer unsurprisingly is interested in gaining weight; however, they are different from a feedee. This is because they get fatter by themselves and do not rely on a feeder to assist with their weight gain. Mutual gainers have a different sort of relationship than a feeder / feedee relationship, this is because they are both gaining weight and enjoy getting fatter together.

What is an encourager?
An encourager is a person who encourages others who want to gain weight to put on the pounds. An encourager is different from a feeder because they don’t provide food for feedee’s. They chat and interact with gainers to encourage them to put on more weight and celebrate reaching weight gain goals. An encourager usually doesn’t get physically involved in the weight gain process with the person they are encouraging. Usually it is an online role where you chat via text or video links.

Fat admirer (FA)
A fat admirer (commonly referred to as a chubby chaser) is someone who sexually attracted to larger people. They do not actively assist or encourage others to gain weight like a feeder or encourager, but they have a physical preference for those with larger figures. Fat admirers will date and have sexual relationships with BBW/ SSBWS and BHM SSBHMS. It is important to note that while all Feeders also identify as fat admirers, not all fat admirers are feeders.

Big Beautiful Woman or Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman are the terms used to describe a woman who is fat and overweight. Being a BBW or SSBBW doesn’t necessarily make you a gainer, feedee or foodie. The difference between a BBW and SSBBW is the amount they weigh. Generally, there is no specific weight or clothing size that defines the difference between normal and supersize. However, the rule of thumb is that women over 350lbs are considered SSBBW’s.

Big Handsome Man or Super-Sized Big Handsome Man are the terms used to describe a man who is fat and overweight. Being a BHM or SSBHM doesn’t necessarily make you a gainer, feedee or foodie. The difference between a BHM and SSBHM is the amount they weigh. Generally, there is no specific weight or clothing size that defines the difference between normal and supersize. However, the rule of thumb is that men over 350lbs are considered SSBHM’s.

Stuffing/bloating/body inflation
These terms refer to specific activities for people who derive sexual pleasure from the feeling of being full. This is done by eating huge amount of food in binging sessions or bloating with air / water and carbonated drinks to expand their stomachs. This is a temporary state of feeling full and looking fatter. You can do these activities by yourself or with a partner and use tools like funnels to help expand your waistline.

This is an activity for those who like the idea of being fat but are generally a little smaller in size. People who are interesting in padding will buy clothes in bigger sizes and use cushions, pillows and other materials to imitate the physical appearance of being fat.

So what next?

Now you know the basics of feederism, you should jump in and get involved on the website to find out more! Browse our forums and chat with like minded individuals in our chatroom. Take a look at our videos, pics and story sections, and if you haven’t already… create an account and get involved in the feederism community today!