Increase your earnings account income

Fantasy Feeder Earnings Accounts can be a lot of fun, so it may sometimes be easy to forget that you're actually selling your content. As with any selling situation some simple rules apply, and here are a few tips and tricks that will help you maximize your income.

Maintain a high presence

A pleasant and friendly presence
A pleasant and friendly presence

Your visibility on the website is your shop window, so aim to have at at least one item of content high up in the listings most of the time.

* Upload content on a regular basis - Once or twice a week should be enough to stay up in the listings
* Don't upload all your content at once - If you have several items of content, upload them every few days
* Upload free content - Some people like to see before they buy and free content may tempt them to purchase
* Frequent the chat and forums - Develop a mystique and fantasy about yourself, only don't pressurize to buy

Upload high quality content

Listings are your shop window
Listings are your shop window

As with any product that's sold, if it's of good quality then you're likely to sell more. The same applies to the content you upload, whether it's a picture, video or story, always try to make it the best quality you can.

* Ensure good lighting for pics and videos - Daylight is best, so open blinds and curtains if your indoors. A night turn on room lights, lamps and spotlights, but try not to dazzle the camera
* For videos, record in high definition (HD) for at least 3 minutes, holding the camera horizontally - The larger file size will take longer to upload, but it will offer increased value for money. Holding the camera horizontally will eliminate those annoying black borders
* For stories, always add a description and thumbnail - Presenting your story well will likely increase sales and give you the additional advantage of a higher ranking in the listings
* Make your best content premium - If some content has turned out particularly well then make this your premium content. People will be more likely to pay for content that stands out above average

Cater for your audience

Build up a good following
Build up a good following

* Make the most of your assets - Think about what makes you special, whether it's physical like a nice belly or a fun personality. Maybe you have access to your own burger bar where you could film (we wish!). What is it you have that will make you stand out?
* Consider what your audience wants - Obviously this is a feeder website, so eating, gaining, measuring etc. pics and videos always go down well. Maybe you want to specialize for a particular group of people
* Be original and entertaining - If you consistently deliver good content you'll soon build up a big following, many of whom may be tempted to sign-up for your premium content