a fattening curse

c1: be careful what you say...

Karma is a bitch. This much is true. And berating and torturing others will never result too well when what you sent around comes back around to bite you. Trinity was a nasty little beast. Be not mistaken by her ravishing looks, what with those striking amber eyes, curtain of silky dark hair tumbling in velvety waves down her back, and her tall, willowy figure. For appearances are devilishly deceiving, as physical attractiveness can never compensate for a decent or agreeable personality.

Trinity's friends were never long to last. Even the most similar people to her soon found themselves walking away from her shaking their heads and muttering curses under their breaths. But one curse uttered from the lips of a tired and often belittled woman was certain to redirect the course of trash-mouth Trinity's spoiled life forever.

It all began at the downtown Starbucks one fine, summery evening. Trinity, dressed in her typical showy attire, was craving a latte, and, as she happened to spend many days alone or in the beds of various doting male admirers, ventured unaccompanied to her favorite coffee shop to purchase her desired sweet beverage. While waiting rather impatiently in line to place her order, finger flicking over the screen of her hot pink iPhone as she scrolled through her Instagram, Trinity glanced up when a large shadow fell across her twiggy body. There, standing before her, was the largest human she had ever had the misfortune to gaze upon in person. Mounds of marshmallowy flab gushed from every angle, a truly colossal stomach, like a peculiarly shaped muffin, bulging from the woman's seemingly endless midsection. Immediately Trinity recoiled in disgust. Her tongue, being a great deal sharper than her mind, spouted an array of cruel things to the poor 500 + pound lady.

"Geez honey, I don't think you need no Starbucks. What you need is the gym, but I'm thinking you're too fat to walk there. Maybe the gym can come to you."
The woman blinked her watery blue eyes rapidly, then glowered.
"Excuse me? What did you just say to me?"
Trinity laughed. "You heard me, heifer. Get out of here and go work off those extra 350 pounds!"
The woman shook her head, frowning and disbelieving.
"I've a mind to teach you a lesson, young lady. Have you no respect?"
Trinity smirked, stick arms folded underneath her minute bosom.
"Lard asses like you don't deserve respect. You don't even respect yourselves. That's how come you got to where you are in the first place." With a none too charming smile, she turned her back to the heavy woman and returned to her social media perusing.
The woman murmured something incomprehensible under her breath, then left the building.
That's strange, Trinity thought. She must've taken my advice after all.
Trinity chuckled to herself. Stupid old whale.

Trinity was the lightest eater of any of her friends. Well, the friends she used to have. The few things she did consume were all Light, Low-fat, or skim, and these edibles were eaten very much in moderation. The 17 year-old could be classified as anorexic. Her nakedness exposed prominent ribs and protruding hipbones, a bony, angular body. Sometimes Trinity experienced amenorrhea, or absence of menstruation, because her BMI was so dangerously low. All her doctors and family members urged the starving teen to eat, but she simply scoffed at their concern and continued on her self-destructive path to a miserable death. Now, as she seated her poorly padded butt on a stool in Starbucks, sipping away slowly at her 'skinny' latte, she was surprised at how enhanced her taste buds seemed to be. She could distinctly make out each individual layer of flavor in her drink, from the watery taste of the skim milk to the chemical bite of the artificial sweetener.
That's odd. What am I, an animal or something? These have never tasted so strong before.
Indeed, they hadn't tasted like that previously. Some new ability was awakening in Trinity, the ability to be able to truly savor every morsel of good food that came her way. However, this particular beverage was rather gross and unsatisfying. It all tasted weak and fake. Trinity decided, for the first time, to instead buy a normal latte. As she suckled the rich, sugary liquid of the regular drink, the multitude of flavors played across her delighted tongue, and she vowed to herself to never purchase a 'skinny' drink again.
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Very well written and nice to read, congratulations!
champ 8 months
Hope there's more to this story 🙂
Love it, just use paragraphs smiley
Nice concept. Use paragraphs though so it is easier to read.
SuperPieGuy 9 months
I like the plot and the suspens. I wonder where all this is going.
Kamina 9 months
Excellent set-up; I look forward to reading of Trinity's fate.
markb 9 months
I like the way where you are heading.Pls do continue smiley
champ 9 months
Excellently written! I'll be checking back regularly to read this tale! Cheers!
Skittles 9 months
Good start