As They Say in Fashion

chapter 1

"Jasper!" Noah called. He struggled to carry a large box of dishes. He had been overly ambitious in his attempt to move some of Japer's boxes into his apartment. His excitement was almost too much for him to handle. He had wanted to take the next step in him and Jasper's relationship for months.


"I could use your help with this box," he called with a laugh and a tinge of slight worry that he'd drop the box on the pavement.

"Oh, my bad, sorry." Jasper jogged down the stairs after placing the box he had been holding in the doorway of the apartment. He grabbed the box from Noah and easily made his way back up the stairs. Noah was not as tall or as strong his boyfriend.

Noah stood at 5'6" and 107 pounds, whereas Jasper was 6'3" and 200 pounds. They had been planning to move in together for quite some time and Noah was so happy to be living with Jasper. "Thanks," Noah said following him up the stairs. Noah smiled lovingly at Jasper. "That box was so heavy!" That was why Jasper had fallen for him, Noah's sweet, boyish smile.

Everyone knew Jasper was gay, but nobody thought he'd end up with Noah. Noah had met Jasper before he retired from modeling. It could be called a more so forced retirement, the point being Jasper was no longer covering every magazine ad campaign imaginable. The agencies told him that he had gained a too much weight, but honestly he had only bulked up a bit. It wasn't as if he had put on a gut.

When they first met Noah had been designing for his first show. Naturally on the more anxious side, comforting words from a tall, handsome model made him feel all the more uneasy. That model was Jasper and he saw how sweet Noah was. Most designers Jasper met were very full of themselves, but Noah was incredibly humble. Jasper found that quality very appealing and took their meeting as a sign and asked Noah out on a date. They really hit it off. Noah had been sure it was a one night thing, but Jasper actually called him the next day. That was two years ago and the two 24-year-olds were still together. "Jasper, are you hungry?"

"Yeah," he said honestly. Two weeks of joblessness had slowed Jasper's drive for exercising and it began to show. It was not a monumental change, but small changes that all began to add up. There was the softening to his angular facial features, the padding to his already round, bubble butt, and the fuller middle.

"What do you want?" Noah asked, unsure of what to prepare.

"I sit here all day and do nothing, why don't you let me cook?"

"Jasper, you can't cook," Noah said with a laugh.

"Oh, yeah." Jasper had forgotten he never learned how. He never had to do that sort of thing for himself. "Maybe I should learn. I do have a lot of free time on my hands."

"Oh that's okay," Noah said with a cheery smile. "I love cooking for you." Jasper had to admit it; he loved being taken care of. He had become so accustomed to people doing whatever they could to make him happy, he was quick to allow Noah to do all of the work.

"Well, make some pasta or something," he told Noah offhandedly, in a somewhat discourteous manner.

"Okay," Noah replied, quickly busying himself in the kitchen. Jasper quickly realized how rude he had sounded.

"Please," he added smoothly. "And thank you."

"No problem." Noah pushed up his sleeves and tied an apron around his waist. He whipped up an entrée of penne pasta in a creamy, cheese sauce with a whole pan of rolls. He even made a fresh side salad. Noah cleared his plate from the table after he finished a reasonable portion. Jasper continued to chow down on the food. There would be no leftovers. That was another issue Jasper faced; he lacked self-control.

Jasper never thought of it before, but he found how desperate he was to feel full--really full. Not what he used to think of as full, but stuffed. He always ate as little as possible but it never helped. He'd always been hungry and being with Noah he didn't need to starve himself. "That was so good."

"I kind of figured you liked it." Noah smiled as he cleared Jasper's dishes.

"Yeah," he said looking down at his bloated stomach. That was when he made another sudden realization: he was gaining weight.

"Well I have to get back to work." Noah walked out of the kitchen and back into his studio. Jasper suddenly felt guilty. He asked so much of Noah, who still had his job to do. He went into their bedroom and sat on the bed. He clicked off the bedside lamp and went to sleep.

He awoke to a sleeping Noah. His copper blond hair was messy and Jasper found it intensely sexy. He sat up. His stomach was no longer bloated, but he noted it was definitely larger than it had been. He thought about getting into the gym, but something about getting bigger excited him. He got out of bed as quietly as he could.

Noah sat up, sleepy-eyed; he blinked his slightly droopy eyes trying to adjust to the bright light. "Good morning," he said with a cheery yawn.

"Morning," Jasper replied.

"Come back to bed." Noah had just gotten into the bed an hour ago. It was only eight.

"Okay." He climbed in and moved closer into Noah.

"Ah, you're so warm." Noah placed his head on Jasper's chest and closed his eyes. He listened to his steady breathing and moved his hand over Jasper's small belly. He liked it. Jasper sucked it in and flexed his fading abs. He was ashamed of how he let himself go. He did nothing but sit around and eat all day; at least he could stay attractive for Noah.


"Yeah?& quot; he responded.

"I can lose it, the belly."

"You don't have to." Noah was drifting in and out of sleep. He was exhausted.

"But I will for you, I can at least stay fit for you."


"Noah?" Noah had fallen asleep. Jasper laid there and enjoyed the moment. He loved having Noah so near and drifted off to sleep with him.

They had to get to a party later that evening and Noah could really use the sleep. It was an event to celebrate the recent success of his line of sneakers. They all had fun prints and bright colors. Noah brought the modern to the retro with his designs. A lot of his works were reminiscent of the 80s and early 90s.

Jasper had bought every item available when they first started dating. The tabloids were all over their "steamy, passionate relationship." Nobody but his agency noticed that Jasper had gotten larger and they said the people in need of their models didn't design for his size. Jasper was actually shocked. He had thought everyone loved the strong, muscular look.

On the other hand Preston Jacobs was the new "it" boy, tall and slender. He could barely be seen if he turned to the side. He wore his hair long and had multiple men and women fawning after him. All the girls loved his soft, androgynous features.

The guys loved his tight abs and long limbs. They also wanted his sizable member. The whole world saw the infamous bulge from his Dalvin Klion underwear ads. Jasper had met with him, and Preston told him that he was taking over. He was signed a week before they let Jasper go. Noah had refused to use any of their models ever again.
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