scarlett packs on the pounds

Chapter 1 - the meeting

(Skip to chapter 4 for the start of the gaining. This is just to get the story started)

Scarlett was an actress who was famous for starring in roles that were extremely sexy and hot but she felt she was a better actress than that and wanted more.

Her entire adult life she looked about the same. At 28 years old she was about 5'8" and 120 lbs. Jet black hair. Bright blue eyes. Pale skin. She had a small tight waist with little hints of abs that women were jealous of and at the same time had decent sized boobs for a woman her size which were about a c cup. But as most men would tell you the hottest part of her was her ass. Her ass somehow was tight and toned while at the same time being large and jiggly without looking fat. Her legs weren't fat either and made her look somewhat athletic even with her tits and ass.

A few years ago she married another actor named micheal who she met while working on a movie. Now they live in LA and things are going really good between them but she wanted something more

She got all of her roles because she was super hot and sexy. She was an B list celebrity and she never got roles that were dramatic or anything only roles that were very hot. When Scarlett started out as an actress these roles were gratifying and awesome to her but as she got older she realized that that is not where she wants her career to go and that was where it was going until she met Steven.

Steven was an executive producer on a new movie that was coming out the next year. The movie was a drama called Forever Fair. When Scarlett first got the call from Steven she assumed that she would be put in as a side character who was only there for her ass and tits but Steven explained that she'd be in the dramatic lead role and that she'd be perfect fo this role. She was reluctant and thought that she would still only be there for her body but she was curious so they planned to meet up.

They met in a coffee shop and started discussing the role.

"The role is of a popular musician who loses everything and works to get it all back" said steven
"You are a person who had everything and Becca of discrimination you lost it all"

"Discrimination, what kind of discrimination would a person like me have to deal with today" Scarlett asked

Steven answered, "Discrimination of body type. You will be playing a the popular musician Sarah Carden"

"I look hardly anything like Sarah Carden why would you pick me for the role"

"Sarah Cardenas was a bigger woman when she was famous but she was skinny when she was young"

"So go would this work I play the young hot Sarah because of my body and you have a bigger woman play the famous Sarah?" Scarlett asked

"Well the studio had two plans. One was exactly what you just said but it wouldn't be as good for you as most of the drama happens when she is bigger and you wouldn't get the recognition you deserve.

And two I like better. We film the scenes with young skinny and hot Sarah with you first. We take a year long break where you put on upwards of 50 lbs and return and continue filming. Then we can help you lose the weight if you want.

This would establish you as a prominent dramatic actress. And because we ask so much we would even increase your pay by $50 million". Steven explained

Scarlett was extremely surprised by this offer.

"You want me to add 50 lbs to this." She gestures to her body. "And why me why do you want me to put on weight for a role."

"In your previous roles I saw great potential for a dramatic actress but you kept being type cast as the stereotypical hot girl but I know you can be so much more.

This script has been reviewed many times and is the directors pet project. It is destined to be an amazing movie that could even win academy awards.

So either you take this role and become an internationally acclaimed actress or you decline my offer and keep being cast as the slutty hot girl that gets looked down on by other actress and peak before your time.

I see great potential in you and I really hope you accept but if not it is your loss." Steven said.

Scarlett looked at him and thought deeply about her options. Sure she could stay where she is. The stereotype of a one dimensional hot girl with no hope for her future when she gets older. Or take this role where she could be an acclaimed actress but lose her figure that has made her famous in the first place.

She thought and thought but eventually came to a conclusion.

"I'll take it!" Scarlett exclaimed.

"Alright, you will be hearing from me." Steven replied.

They left the meeting with different feelings of fulfillment and excitement. Scarlett excited about her new career opportunity. Steven left with the feeling that he got his job done and that the studio will be very pleased with his work

Scarlett went straight home to tell her husband the news.
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Bobbo 5 years
Well shit my fellers it’s been fun writing this pile of dogshit but it’s time to move onto something better
Djfex 5 years
lol that part reminded me of Oscar Gold smiley
ConJohn 5 years
"unfortunately a movie about a gay disabled black teenager came out around the same time."

I've never laughed out loud reading a story on this site until now, lol
Jazzman 5 years
I will say that you have written a far better story than Any of mine.But if you want to be great please pay attention to spelling.To fat.No
Too Fat.Everything flows better when proper word usage is prevalent throughout.
I really enjoyed this story.
Aquarius64 5 years
I’m sorry, I cannot give this a ‘like’. I like the plot, but I do not like how it is written. Why do you have to start a new paragraph after almost every sentence? Why does every new paragraph have double spacing?
It got to the stage where it was affect
Jazzman 5 years
Great Story.Auto correct is hurting your spelling of you're and were.You're is used for "you are" .Your is a possessive pronoun.Were is past tense.We're is "we are".Picky? Yes.But you're too gifted as a writer for me not to mention it.
Theswordsman 5 years
It would be ironic if the movie she was gaining for got cancelled
Jazzman 5 years
This story is terrific.No need to jump the shark with quantities of cake and shakes after being patient and realistic with the gains so far
GummieTummy 5 years
Oh, man! I hope Scarlet overshoots the hell outta what the filmmakers expected of her, so much so that they can’t use her! I know, I’m rotten! smiley This is such a fun read!
Jazzman 5 years
Terrific pacing. A Marvelous Story
Karenjenk 5 years
I love this. its gradual and realisticish. the spelling thing doesnt bug me at all. this is amazing.
I hope you continue
Womansbellyl... 5 years
Keep up the good work!
Jazzman 5 years
You're getting fat
It will feel good to spell that word correctly. This is Too good a story to have that kind of error. Please keep going.You're a great writer.
Fatforfun 5 years
I agree with Jazzman. This has a great start, and I can see you took time with sentence structure, which really makes it readable. Yes, proofread your spelling, and go for it.
Jazzman 5 years
This is good.Nice character development. Be careful with your spelling. Your instead of You're. Right instead of Write.Striped as in Tiger instead of Stripped as in disrobed.
This story is terrific and I hope you keep going.
Theswordsman 5 years
I wonder how her marriage will be affected by her gain