the benevolent boss

Chapter 1

The office is usually quite the uneventful space. Employees click-clack away on their cheap keyboards. The sound of the printing machine blares throughout the office only to eventually be drowned out by the sound of the run-down instant coffee machine as it pours another cup of Joe for the next exhausted employee.

But all that changed one day in the small, administrative office of the Orange County Division of a popular pastries franchise—Pearl Pastries Co—when Kev Saryan became the new boss.

Saryan was a middle aged Middle Eastern man. He had a big belly that hung on a muscular frame. His shirts would be skin-tight usually, nicely accentuating both his big biceps and portly frame. He oftentimes wore a thin silver chain around his neck, and it sometimes would get lost in his hairy chest if one didn’t see him in the right lighting.

The small office of 10 quickly found out how lighthearted and jovial Saryan was. The day he began working in the branch, he threw a small office party to get to know all his employees. He found that Martha loved reading. Ever since she was a young girl, she made it an effort to read one book each week. Jake was a big soccer guy. He even coaches his son’s league team. Dolores was a cat-person, and she lived in an apartment with her three cats—Pepper, Olive, and Salami. Mark enjoyed bar-hopping during Happy Hour on the weekend.

But most importantly to him, he found that Ryan Cooper was a big foodie, and he had especially taken a linking to the complimentary Pearl Pastries doughnuts that were available at the party.

The following day, the office learned more about who Kev Saryan was as a person. Not only was he a big, jolly guy, but he was also a big gift giver! He bought Martha a book she’s been meaning to read. Jake, a soccer a ball. Dolores, some cat toys. Mark, some beer. And Ryan, a half dozen box of Pearl Pastries doughnuts.

Ryan happily accepted the box of doughnuts, and snacked on it throughout his shift. By around 3PM, as he was watching a video for work, he stuck his hand in the box to reach for another doughnut, only to find that the box was completely empty!

“Wow, Ryan!” Kev said, walking past his cubicle. “Looks like you really liked my gift!”

“Heh, looks like it!” Ryan blushed, sort of embarrassed.

The following day, as Ryan got situated into his cubicle, he saw Kev approaching him with what seemed like another half dozen box of doughnuts. “Since I noticed that you couldn’t get enough of these yesterday, I thought I’d give you another box today!”

“A-Another box, sir? Are you sure?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah, of course!”

‘Don’t question it! Just take the free food!’ Ryan thought to himself. “Gee, if you insist! Thanks boss!”

And just like the day before, Ryan effortlessly and mindlessly went through the entire box—but this time before his lunch break.

After the weekend, when day 3 rolled around, yet again Ryan was given a box of doughnuts.

“More doughnuts?”

“This time try not to finish it before lunch,” he winked. Mission failed: Ryan finished all 6 doughnuts by 11:52 AM.

Day 4 rolled around. Another 6 doughnuts.

“Why are you bringing me so much doughnuts, boss?” Ryan asked. “I don’t know if I should be eating this much…”

“Well, I know these doughnuts make you happy. Happy employees are more productive. And I’ve got myself an infinite supply of any food made by Pearl Pastries. So, I think the real question is, why wouldn’t I bring you so much doughnuts?”

“Infinite supply of any food made by Pearl Pastries?” Ryan asked, shocked.

“Did I pique your interest, boy?” Kev smiled.

“Maybe just a little,” Ryan blushed.

“Well then look forward to more than just doughnuts from now on!”

Day 5. 6 doughnuts, 1 large cupcake, and 2 chocolate chip cookies. “Jackpot!” Ryan cheered. He cleared through all the sweets in no time.

Day 6. 6 doughnuts, 1 large cupcake, 4 chocolate chip cookies.

Day 7. 6 doughnuts, 1 large cupcake, 6 chocolate chip cookies. Just barely, when the clock hit 5PM, Ryan had the last of his cookies. As he was packing up to leave, he was called into Kev’s office.

“It’s really good to see you enjoying all the gifts I’ve been providing you this past week and a half!” Kev said.

“Of course, sir! How could I say no to free food that tastes so delicious!” Ryan laughed. “Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually looking forward to Monday!”

“Well, you might not have to wait that long to have some more!” He winked.

“What do you mean?”

“One of our stores in OC overproduced some sweets, and well—they don’t have enough shelf-space to store some of the products, so they asked me to deal with their load. I thought you might be interested in some of their leftover products.” Kev pulled out several boxes of pastries—three dozen boxes of doughnuts and another three dozen boxes of cookies. “Take as many as you’d like home with you—or all, if you’d like!”

Naturally, Ryan took it all home with him.

When he got home, he microwaved some pasta that he had made from the night before, and as he was watching a game of basketball on TV, he saw the pastry boxes eyeing him from the kitchen. Even though he had a lot that day, he caved, and started eating the cookies one by one… box by box… until they were all gone. Ryan started to feel a bit bloated by then, so he called it a night and went straight to bed.

The following morning, he started off with his usual routine: get out of bed, use the bathroom, his the gym, shower, and make some breakfast and a protein shake. While getting ready for the gym though, he noticed his usual muscular frame—the nice set of abs that he used to have, while still slightly visible, were now accompanied with a thin layer of pudge. Ryan felt his stomach and blushed a little. Did he like the way he looked with some pudge? ‘No, no, it can’t be,’ he thought. He put his shirt on and did some cardio at the gym for about an hour or so.

When he got back and finished hitting the shower, he was about to open his fridge and reach for some eggs to cook, until out of the corner of his eye noticed the boxes of doughnuts that were sitting on the edge of his kitchen counter. ‘Fuck, am I really gonna do this?’ He thought. Answer: Yes. He hopped on over to the boxes of doughnuts, where he began stuffing his face full of the sweet, glazed doughnuts. One wasn’t enough though. He reached for the second, then the third, then the fourth, fifth, and sixth. He paused after the sixth, saw the half eaten box of doughnuts and thought—‘well today was cardio day, and I did burn 1,000 calories on the treadmill. Finishing the box wouldn’t hurt.’ And so he did! He shoved the rest of the box down his greedy throat, yet his cravings still weren’t satisfied. He hesitantly opened the second box, and after a moment’s pause, scarfed down half of the box with ease. He stopped himself at doughnut #18, lifted the box up to see the nutritional information, and he found that each doughnut was 250 calories, meaning that he had already eaten well over quadruple the amount of calories he had just burned. Ryan felt shocked, surprised, and… aroused. He felt his cheeks swelter while his dick pressed against his pants as it grew hard. “Fuck, what is going on!?” Ryan said. Although his belly started to ache, he brought the rest of the doughnuts to the couch and began stuffing himself shamelessly, enjoying each calorie that he stuffed down his throat.

Within an hour, the three boxes were gone. Ryan felt his bloated belly press firmly against his tight shirt, and as he rubbed his hand over it, he became hotter and hornier. “How do I tell Kev I need more…” he said as a slowly dozed off into his first food coma.
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