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Chapter 1 - book one - chapter one - ray

Ray parked his car nicely and stepped out to take a nice deep, breath of fresh air. He was dressed up nicely. Tight shirt, tight pants, and a tie to finish things off. After getting fired from his last job, Ray wants to make a great first impression in his new job at Tummy Pump Factory.

The application was simple. First he had to go to TummyPumpFactory.com and fill out some basic information - his name, weight, height, gender, et cetera. Then click next. The next page was a brief history on the creation of Tummy Pump Factory. Ray skimmed through it and clicked next once more. He was on his final page and it asked him how big he'd like to be and which plan he'd want to choose. There were five plans:
Plan #1: Tummy Expansion
Pan #2: Tummy Blast
Plan #3: Pear Formula
Pan #4: Immobile Up!
Plan #5: Lard and Curves
Ray chose Plan #5: Lard and Curves. And voila. Application Complete.

What the application looks like:

Page ⅓

Name: Ray
Height: 6'4
Weight: 200 pounds
Gender: Male

Page ⅔

History Of Tummy Pump Factory

"Hello esteemed sir or madame. I am Dr. Posh, founder and CEO of Tummy Pump Factory. I own several businesses and companies - all very successful. These successful companies shot my net worth straight up high, but sadly, even with all that money, I wasn't very happy. That's where the idea of Tummy Pump Factory came in. I've always loved the idea of fattening up dozens and dozens of people, and with all the money I have, now I can. Since this is such a bold and high favor I ask of you, I have put the salary up high. Each pound you gain, I will pay you $20. The minimum amount of weight you can gain is 100 pounds and the maximum is well, endless. I do appreciate this. I look forward to working with you."
-Sincerely, Dr. Posh

Final Page

What will your goal be?

Goal: 500 pounds

Which gaining plan would you like to choose?

Plan #1: Tummy Expansion
Pan #2: Tummy Blast
Plan #3: Pear Formula
Pan #4: Immobile Up!
Plan #5: Lard and Curves

You have chosen: Plan #5: Lard and Curves.

Lard and Curves Description: Three Day Plan; fills your body up with lard to form smooth and amazing curves.

Day One:
Breakfast: 10 pounds of Bacon flavored Tummy Formula
Lunch: 20 pounds of Burger flavored Lard
Dinner: 40 pounds of Steak flavored Lard
Desert: 20 pounds of ice cream

Day Two:
Breakfast: 15 pounds of Pancake flavored Curve Formula
Lunch: 25 pounds of Baby Back Ribs flavored Lard
Dinner: 45 pounds of Muffin flavored Belly Curve Formula
Desert: 5 pounds of chocolate shake

Day Three:
Breakfast: 15 pounds Waffle flavored Curve Formula
Lunch: 25 pounds of Meatball flavored Lard
Dinner: 60 pounds of Blast Lard (Lard combined with the flavors of juicy steaks)
Desert: 10 pounds Doughnut flavored Belly Curve Formula

Ray was ready to take his first step to his new job. What fun tasks await him.
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