do you have to?

Chapter 1 - do you have to?

"Do you have to go to the gym so early?" was the thing she'd said to him the morning after they first spent the night together.

He'd spent the morning in bed with her instead. She brought him breakfast.

The sheets laid over his slim and muscled physique.

"Do you have to go for that run right now?" was the thing she'd said to him when they'd moved in together.

He'd spent the evening on the sofa instead. She brought him snacks and ordered him take away.

His softening belly hanging over his shorts slightly.

"Do you have to look up those health recipes today?" was the thing she'd said to him on their first anniversary.

He'd spent the day mindlessly gorging as he watched movies instead. She brought him milkshakes and ice cream.

His used-to-be-gym clothes far too small -- stretched over his body that now looked heavily pregnant.

"Do you have to meet with the personal trainer this week?" was the thing she'd said to him 2 years later.

He'd spent the time eating and sleeping in front of the TV instead. She brought him a cart on wheels stacked with food.

His thick thighs spread to make room for his hugely fat belly that hung out of his t-shirt; his head tilted back, chins still sagging to his chest, snoring loudly.

"Do you have to eat so much? You've put on so much weight!" was the thing she'd said to him as she lead his friends into the front room to see him for the first time since they moved in.

He spent that time feeling every single lb he'd put on in the past 5 years. She brought him everything now -- he couldn't get off of the sofa on his own.

His huge form stuffed into a sweatsuit that was only 30% sweat covered -- the other 70% food.

He looked at his friends, ashamed. Their shocked and disgusted faces not even remotely hidden.

His belly rumbled.

"Please... Bring me more food."

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Hereiam 5 years
Find myself returning to this story again and again. Just love the idea of it!