Hellooo nurse!

Incurably ill Dean Evans has been left to die in the public hospital system. Middle-aged nurse Becky Larson heals him with her love, innate fat sexiness, and eventually something deliciously more.   More ▼

Quality without compromise®

Garnering the notice of a major fine chocolate candy manufacturer who’d offended common decency and her family lands Eden Offen in a sticky sweet situation, drenched in chocolate. And what’s this about J.S. Bach & a molotov cocktail?   More ▼

Double the trouble, double the fun

Born with 2 fully-formed, healthy pelvises and 3 legs, life for Tara Pelvig has often been quite different from anyone else. Multiple gainers, polyamory group, other stuff FF form doesn’t let me list. Serialized epic novel.   More ▼

Unforgettable cruise

Voyaging on a cruise ship in March 2020? What could possibly go wrong? 😟   More ▼