Weight gain stories



Humans must keep settling new towns in order to survive. A young, fit woman's life is changed forever when she is assigned the worst possible Role for her town. But is it as bad as it seems?   More ▼

The stowaway

A desperate young man on the run finds himself stuck in the high seas after a tumultuous night. Will he be discovered, and what punishment awaits? Themes: Submission and domination, forced weight gain, gay eroticism and sex, EXTREMELY gay.   More ▼

F80: kidnap and control

Rich, entitled, care-free. Emily's life is about to change forever, as she becomes the focus of a cunning F80 android with a master plan.   More ▼

Mani-feast destiny

Itching for further exploits, capitalists and colonizers turn to a newly discovered island to prey upon its plunders. Their indulgence is not without consequence, however, and they soon find themselves faced with the price of their own hubris.   More ▼

F80 ctrl+alt+del

Emily has a secret kink, not known to anyone but the online F80 ChatBot. But what happens when a kinky cyber fantasy gradually collides with a very much physical reality?   More ▼

The stowaway - marooned

Sequel to The Stowaway! A man on the run found himself fattened against his will. Now trapped on a hostile island with the feeder that grew him, how will Carver survive?   More ▼

The prince's secret

A future dystopian America is ruled by a family that declared themselves royalty. It's handsome prince has a secret desire.   More ▼

The end of the world  

Alone with nothing to do, one man waits out the end. Short story   More ▼

Fattening a nation  

A young worker notices as not only his belly grows but as the customers he serves bellies grow as well. Could this be the doing of someone he knows?   More ▼

A most profitable farm (commissioned)

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