Weight gain stories

The girl behind the counter  

David is an athletic college stud with a serious crush on the curvy "dream girl" behind the counter at his local Italian restaurant. Sure, she's a little bit on the chubby side, and David is a little biased against heavier people, but he's still more than   More ▼

Sweet dreams: ava's 'big' vacation

With 'Sweet Dreams' the body of your ultimate desires can come true. Enter Ava, a young woman who believed in the mysterious drug. Follow her story as her mind and waistline transforms, meeting friends and love on the way. Story almost complete!   More ▼

Post passion patties - a totally spies fanfic

The WHOOP trio of spies, Sam, Alex, and Clover end the waistline-expanding cookie "Passion Patties". Post Passion Patties follows Clover, as she is intertwined with the revival of the cookie, and a love interest. (Long story, 2 updates/ week)   More ▼

Immigration problem  

When an Immarant moves to the US. She is blown away by all the food. But after induging in so much food, you can only help but gain weight.STARTING NEW STORY   More ▼

šŸ©repaid in full

[Updates Monthly] When a starving homeless girl is caught robbing a bakery, she's forced to work there for one year to make up for her crime. But as she gets to know Frida, the owner's granddaughter, she starts working to gain a lot more than freedom.   More ▼

Scarlett packs on the pounds

Scarlett is a supermodel like actress who puts on weight for an upcoming role. She comes to find that she can�t get enough of her gain. Slow paced realistic gain.   More ▼

Ditching the daily schedule (complete)  

Sarah's become bored with her everyday life. She's fallen into the same mundane routine and can't seem to escape it. But a chance encounter with a pizza driver might change all that. And in a big way.   More ▼

Something different

Alana and Jake have just celebrated their one year anniversary. Jake opens up to Alana to reveal his hidden deviancy. (Little bit of a slow burner. First story so just nervous.) Hope you all like it.   More ▼

Pig's feed: three little pigs

Three skinny mean girls who have a history of making fun of women and calling them fat slobs get magically transformed into what they've always despised.   More ▼

Red fed

This is my first attempt at historical fiction. It is set in the Soviet Union during World War II and follows some young female college students arrested for "Anti-Soviet Activity". Don't worry, it's about feeding and gaining weight.   More ▼
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