chapter 1 - the punishment.

Ava opened her eyes and found herself standing in what seemed to be a cavern. It wasn't dark though, as there were candles everywhere. It wasn't cool like a cave either. In fact, it was very warm, almost hot. She looked down at herself. She was naked. She looked at her hands. Where were her fake nails? She had just had them redone that morning. She looked down at herself. Her breasts! What happened? They looked they had before she had them done. Gone were the large implants. In their place were her natural breasts, much smaller.

She suddenly felt a presence right behind her. "I am afraid you cannot take them with you here.", a voice right behind her said. Ava jumped when she heard the voice and felt the heat behind her. She turned to find a tall, stunningly beautiful, but fat, woman standing right behind her. The woman wore a black fishnet dress, heels, and nothing else. She stood what had to be 6 feet tall. She had very big and round breasts, a large round belly, thick hips, and big thighs. Her skin was of an olive complexion and absolutely flawless. She had long, thick, flowing black hair, bright red full lips, fingernails that almost looked like claws, and eyes that were as blue as the sea.

"Where am I?", Ava asked.

"Where do you think you are?", the woman replied.

Ava thought, still very disoriented. She responded, "I was in my car. I was driving home in my car just moments ago. I know I was."

"Indeed, you were.", the woman replied.

"What happened. Where am I.", Ava demanded.

"You don't remember the tree?", the woman asked, smiling mischievously now.

Ava thought. She did remember. She remembered the wet road, her car sliding out of control when she went around the bend. She remembered seeing the tree right in front of her.

"You do remember.", the woman said and smiled again. "You do remember, and you know where you are don't you?"

A feeling of absolute horror swept over Ava as she realized where she was. "No! No! This is just a dream. This isn't real. It's just a bad dream. I will wake up.", Ava frantically said.

The woman stepped right against Ava and leaned over to her ear, her body heat radiating against Ava. She whispered into Ava's ear, "It's real. You won't wake up. You died the instant you hit that tree."

Ava could smell just the slightest scent of sulfur as she jumped back from her. "I am not a bad person. Why am I here?"
The woman replied, "You are a fornicator. You did it on camera for money. You did it hundreds of times."

Ava protested, "I am not a bad person though. I don't deserve this!"

The woman replied, "You do though. You were raised in church. You know the Bible. You know how obsessed God is with sex. The whole universe for him to be concerned with, but he cares more about sex than anything. That is why you are here. That is why you are mine now."

Almost shaking with fear, Ava asked, "Are you the devil?"

The woman smiled, her teeth impossibly white, "That is one of my names."

"Is this hell?", Ava asked.

The devil replied, "No, it's not hell, it's purgatory. You are only here while you are punished for your sins."

Ava, shivering with fear despite the heat, asked, "What is my punishment?"

The devil looked right into her eyes and said, "I know everything about you. Everything you have ever done or even thought. I know you are 39. What they call a "milf", in your industry. I know you are so proud of your body. What you see as your perfect body. I know you have been in the porn industry for 15 years and were quite the star. I know you were in the gym every morning. I know you were so obsessed with your body that you weighed your food. I know you did everything to make sure that your 5'3 frame always stayed at 109 pounds no matter what, and that was with the weight of your big fake breasts. I know all of these things, so I know the perfect punishment for you. It's my favorite punishment for girls like you."

The devil waited, staring at Ava to see if she would respond. Ava was too afraid to say anything.

The devil continued, "Your punishment will insatiable hunger. You will be a glutton. You will be obsessed with eating. You will not be able to control yourself and everything, every last calorie you consume will go straight to fat. That is your punishment. That is how you will pay for your sins."

At that exact second a hunger like Ava had never known came over her.
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If thats the devil's son does that make him the antichrist
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As always a most enjoyable story , really well written and a pleasure to read, thanks so much for this one as well as all the rest.
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