chapter 1 - the drug

************************************************Authors Note: This is a story in progress. It contains themes that I like such as uncontrollable weight gain, feeding, big bellies on a woman, and so on. Let me know what you think in the comments or if you have any ideas about where the story should go.
******************************************* *****

"You have to be very careful with dosage.", the doctor warned Chris before handing him the drug.

"I understand.", Chris reassured him.

"I hope you do because this drug can destroy someone's metabolism.", the doctor warned Chris again, hoping it would sink in.

"My wife is anorexic, that's why I am here. Don't worry I will be careful. I just want to save her from herself.", Chris implored the doctor.
The anorexia was a lie. His wife had never even been that thin. What Chris was calling anorexia was actually his wife on Weight Watchers.

"OK, but understand the drug is still experimental. It was developed for NASA. The idea was that they wanted to reduce the caloric needs of astronauts for future trip to Mars. The problem is that while it does reduce caloric needs and lowers metabolic rates, it also has the side effect of increasing cravings for food in some subjects. That is why NASA dropped the contract for the drug and it's why I was able to get a hold of some that was used in trials. My point is that this could have any number of unwanted effects, so just half a milliliter. You can't give her any more than that. The 4 ml vial is the smallest vial it comes in. You only need half an ml though. You understand right?", the doctor again warning Chris.

"Yes, yes I understand. I have to leave to catch my flight back to the U.S. though.", Chris replied.

The doctor handed him the vial and Chris counted out $2000 and handed it to the doctor. The doctor said, "There is an American prescription in your name on the packaging so you will be able to get through security and customs with it. Do you still want the anabolics as well?"

Chris replied yes, and the doctor handed him 6 months worth of anabolic steroids, again with an American prescription in his name.
The doctor looked at Chris' muscled body, "Those are working for you yes?". Chris replied, "Yes, they are and hopefully this other drug will work for my wife."

Chris then left the doctor's office and caught an Uber to the Mexico City International Airport.

On the flight back Chris debated on whether he should go through with giving Lana the drug. He knew it wasn't right to do it, but she had been on Weight Watchers for 6 months now and had dropped about 40 pounds. They had been married for 16 years now, having married right after college. Chris was 38, and proud to still be rocking 6 pack abs. Lana was 37, and just weeks away from 38. Lana had always been a bit thick, but over the past few years had steadily gained weight reaching 204 pounds before going on Weight Watchers. At just 5'3, she was pretty big at 204 with very large natural breasts, thick thighs, fat hips, and a belly. Though Chris didn't tell her, he liked Lana bigger like that and hated she was losing so much weight. In fact, he wanted her bigger again than she had grown to be before her diet. Not huge, but maybe 220 or so. She was just so dedicated to her diet though. He was worried if he didn't do something she wouldn't stop until she was rail thin.

It was late when Chris' flight arrived and Lana was asleep when he got in. That morning he brought her coffee to her with the entire 4 ml of the drug in it.
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Theswordsman 5 years
What a dick. He wanted her fat he got her fat she deserved better then that
Karenjenk 5 years
I absolutely love this story so far. I'm sub and love how he is sneaky and tricks her.
and i love chapter 7 because i work with number and quantifying things.
It's easy to visualize what you wrote here.
Nok 5 years
love that ending
Tablesofacha... 5 years
Love it please continue!
Kintem 5 years
This is great. Can't wait for more.