The hunger

chapter 1 - this was not my intention.

Luke knew that what he was doing wasn't right. It's just when he married Lisa he thought he liked thin girls. That is what guys are supposed to be into, girls that are built like models, or fitness models, or curvy pornstars, but not big girls. In the 3 years they had been married he realized that he liked bigger girls though. Not huge, just chubby with some curves. The problem was that his wife Lisa was a fanatic about her weight. Constantly dieting, in the gym daily, weighing herself every day. She would not even drink because she worried she might gain a pound if she did. Sure, most guys would love the fact she was 5'6 and 120 pounds. Luke just wanted her to gain a little weight. Maybe 20 pounds. 30 pounds at the most, just enough so she would be a little thicker. That is all. He had tried to no avail to tempt her to eat more for over a year now. She just wouldn't do it, she was a fanatic about her weight. It's not like Luke didn't understand that, he was athletic and fanatical about his physique as well. It's just he wanted her to be thicker.

Then one day over lunch at a local Vietnamese Mall he saw the advertisement that said "Traditional Appetite Enhancement" outside of a Traditional Chinese Medicine shop. Luke thought to himself what would it hurt, and walked in. The old Asian man behind the counter spoke little English, so Luke had to just point at the advertisement. The Asian man nodded, and then proceeded to grind various dried plants and herbs into a powder. A few minutes later he handed him a small envelope with the powder and mimed blowing it into someone's face. Luke payed him the 25 dollars for it, and left.

That evening Luke had almost threw the powder away thinking what am I doing, this may not even be safe. However, when Lisa told him she was going to skip dinner and go workout instead, he talked himself into trying it. He poured some of the powder into the palm of his hand and when Lisa sat down on their bed to put her shoes on, he just walked up to her and blew it in her face. She looked at him like he was crazy and said "What the fuck Luke?". A second later she was coughing, a few seconds later she passed out.

Luke was frantic. He quickly checked her pulse and listened to her breathing. As he went to grab his phone to call 911, she regained conscience. He helped her sit up, telling her "I am so sorry, I had no idea, are you OK? Honey I am so, so sorry." Lisa responded "What are you talking about?" evidently having no memory of what happened. She then asked "What do we have to eat here?". Luke told her they didn't have much. Lisa then said "I want Taco Bell. Go to to Taco Bell and bring me a Nacho Bellgrande Combo with a large coke, and 3 grilled stuffed burritos." Luke told her "Sure" and thought wow, this must have really worked.

He brought Lisa the Taco Bell, all 3000 plus calories of it, only to be told she wanted some cheesecake as soon as she finished it. Luke then brought her a whole Cheesecake, which she ate from until she was miserably full. At 1:00 AM Lisa woke Luke telling him "I want a milkshake. Go to McDonalds and get me a large Chocolate Milkshake. He was tired and tried to refuse, but Lisa would not take no for an answer. He brought her the Milkshake, she drank it, and went back to sleep. The next morning she woke him at 5:30 AM to tell him to bring her some donuts. She ate them until she was miserably full and then called into work, telling Luke "I am too hungry to go into work today."
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Jayy721 2 years
This is so hot. These stories are like the ultimate fantasy. Such a turn on….
Theswordsman 5 years
I wonder how much she weighs
Gramor26 5 years
Not bad! I thoroughly enjoyed it!