Weight gain stories

Sweet dreams: ava's 'big' vacation

With 'Sweet Dreams' the body of your ultimate desires can come true. Enter Ava, a young woman who believed in the mysterious drug. Follow her story as her mind and waistline transforms, meeting friends and love on the way. Story almost complete!   More ▼

Post passion patties - a totally spies fanfic

The WHOOP trio of spies, Sam, Alex, and Clover end the waistline-expanding cookie "Passion Patties". Post Passion Patties follows Clover, as she is intertwined with the revival of the cookie, and a love interest. (Long story, 2 updates/ week)   More ▼

Scarlett packs on the pounds

Scarlett is a supermodel like actress who puts on weight for an upcoming role. She comes to find that she can�t get enough of her gain. Slow paced realistic gain.   More ▼

Ditching the daily schedule (complete)  

Sarah's become bored with her everyday life. She's fallen into the same mundane routine and can't seem to escape it. But a chance encounter with a pizza driver might change all that. And in a big way.   More ▼

Something different

Alana and Jake have just celebrated their one year anniversary. Jake opens up to Alana to reveal his hidden deviancy. (Little bit of a slow burner. First story so just nervous.) Hope you all like it.   More ▼

Crushing it in the corporate world  

What happens when a massively successful (and massively overweight) businesswoman gets careless and takes a much-needed seat without realizing that its currently being occupied by her fit young intern? Well, it might not have been so awful if she wasn't t   More ▼

The job

Fresh off the boat John wants to find a well paying job and he'll do anything to keep it. As his ever expanding waist thickens he realizes how easy it is to lose yourself in the gluttony. ~finished~   More ▼

The island: mia and noah's discovery

A couple go on a holiday that changes their lives for ever. Romance, feeding, domination and more. Updated daily from a story I've plotted out. Expect plot twists and turns to come.   More ▼

The spoiled brat

A spoiled German girl comes to America to go to university. What happens when freedom and food collide? What happens when she gains more than just knowledge? Nothing like an ignorant, spoiled brat.   More ▼

The big scoop

Author of Pavlovian Response, Year One and more. Two reporters go undercover in a town where girls mysteriously blimp up. Female weight gain, seduction and feeding. STORY COMPLETE! 5/18/18 Edits to come.   More ▼
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