chapter 1

It is an ordinary Friday morning. I wake up and start coffee. Ken has been on my case again about my caffeine intake so I guess I'll limit it to 8 cups today (but I will make them damn strong)! Of course when we were dating several years ago, it was 12 a day, so I guess 8 is pretty good. And after all, I am a growing girl, so I need something in my belly. I place my bagel in the toaster and head to the bathroom to start freshening up. But first, I pull out the scale from under the sink. Even though I threw out the scale a while back, my recent trip to the doctor showed me that I am nearing my all time high of 182 lbs. Of course, this was when I was pregnant with my eldest. Now, Ken has helped me plump up to 178, according to the doc's scale. Hearing that I was so close to my highest weight got me thinking. I remember how Ken's eyes lit up when I told him those numbers for the first time - 182. And I was only 147 lbs. then, such a skinny little thing. But Ken got so excited when I talked about reaching 182 lbs. He found it arousing. He loved hearing about my cravings during my pregnancy, how I ate a burger and shake every day and just ballooned.

Ken had just started revealing his kink to me. He soon started feeding me during our lovemaking, and he was so turned on by it that it got my motor running too. I changed my eating habits, started snacking more and slowly the weight came on. Now, there are many nights Ken feeds me treats and then we enjoy to most intimate lovemaking I've ever experienced. He loves to tempt me with all kinds of goodies - cakes, chocolates, caramels. I love it when he brings me cupcakes in pretty pink boxes, ties me up, and slowly fills my belly while his hands wander all over me. My, how I have come to love his hands on my chubby tummy. He gets so excited and aroused rubbing it, patting it, and squeezing the soft flesh between his fingers. He tells me he loves the way it protrudes over my panties and he loves to place his hands on the underside of my slightly hanging belly and feel the curve and the weight. And my how his hands seem to love wandering lower whenever he is touching me, teasing inside my panties, his fingers running through my hair and toying with my clit. How can I resist when he gets so aroused and touches me so intimately? Now when we make love I just sit back and relax and I know he is going to fill me up - in more ways than one. Of course, he never neglects to play between my legs. His fingers have an amazing way of stimulating me. I love the way he teases my clit, lightly and gently at first, getting me wet and ready. Then, as he feeds me more and more, I feel my belly getting full and heavy, and my arousal getting higher and higher. Then, there he goes, gliding his fingers down my slit, up and down, teasing my pussy and fingering my clit, his fingers starting to find their way inside me, thrusting in and out, my breathing getting heavy and my nipples getting hard. By the time I am full of treats, his lips have often found their way between my legs, his tongue on my clit, his fingers playing inside my pussy and teasing my ass until I am shuddering in release. Then, satisfied in every way possible, my belly full and my body spent, we lay back and he rubs my stuffed tummy, making me feel so - I don't know - so loved and adored, fully satisfied and so very gratified. Mmmmmmmmmmm - I'm finding myself getting wet just thinking about it.

So after that doctor's visit I thought that I could really give him a treat by letting him know when I hit that all time high again - this time sans pregnancy. I know he will love to hear about it. I better tell him when nobody else is around because I have a feeling his arousal may show and "Kenny, Jr." might show his appreciation his own way too (hehe). So I bought the scale and kept it hidden in the back of the cabinet below the sink. As I step on it this morning I have a feeling...I wait for a second or two and - voila - there it is, 182.0 pounds! I am surprised at how excited I am! I look at my profile in the mirror. My full, rounded tummy, my womanly hips, my bulging breasts, my love handles that Ken loves to squeeze, my plump ass and my thick thighs. Though this was never my ideal of beauty, I have learned that beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder (and boy does Ken know how to "behold" me.) And now I can see myself through his eyes too, and I can truly say I am beautiful and sexy. I love my growing body! I love thinking about how and why my body has grown. The amazing, special bond that Ken and I share together. It's our secret connection, a journey that we are on together, our "thing" we share between the two of us and helps us to express our intimacy in the deepest way I've ever known. And now that I know there are guys like Ken out there who prefer larger women, I find myself noticing men checking me out - looking at my ass, my breasts, even my belly. Yeah, I can see a little gleam in their eyes sometimes, and I think - yup, there goes a chubby chaser! But it's the light in my man's eyes that means the most.

So I step into the bedroom. Ken is still in bed. Man, he is snoring loud like a freight train! I'm going to give him a little treat. I sit on the side of the bed next to him, kiss him on the cheek, and yes, let's tease, I reach under the covers, tickle his balls briefly, and grab hold of his cock. Hmmm, already hard! I wonder what he's dreaming? He awakens quickly, he looks at me, still a little sleepy, but I've definitely got his attention. I look him in the eyes, and say it very simply, "182." "Huh?" he says (sometimes he's so dense). I repeat, more slowly and saying each number one at a time: "one-eight-two." Now I see him catching on, and his eyes opening bright. "182? Really?" he says. "Yup - just got off the scale." He looks like a kid in a candy store (only he's going to feed all that candy to ME!). He hugs me, kisses me, and of course rubs my tummy, then my hips, and he scoots up behind me and I feel his hardness on my plump bottom. He pushes my curly hair (out of control again) to one side, and nibbles up and down my exposed neck. "Baby, you are beautiful, and I love you." I let out a moan and a contented sigh. Then, he gets an idea. "Hey, do you think we can celebrate tonight?" I tell him I'd love to.
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