After the dinner party

chapter 1

Tonight, the Lovers have a babysitter so they can go to a dinner party with a few friends. He tells her she is beautiful in her new dress and she teases him - of course it is new because he has fed her out of all the rest (though he thinks she could still squeeze into one or two). She reaches over to his crotch and squeezes as she tells him to hurry because she is hungry and wants to eat. He thinks he is in for a fun evening.

They arrive and greet their friends. She asks him if he wouldn't mind getting her a plate of hors d'oeuvres. Of course he agrees and brings back a full plate and they glance at each other as only the two of them know their little secret. The dinner is lovely, the conversation lively and the Lovers flirt with their eyes throughout the evening. Several times as he has passed her by he has surreptitiously pinched her bottom and whispered things like: Later you are mine, and wait till I get you out of that dress, and once he even chanced: i can't wait to make you come. For her part, she simply made sure that he watched as she devoured the appetizers and feasted on the homemade lasagna and then indulged in several small desserts (after all, she planned the real dessert for when they reached home).

As they left the party the hostess insisted they take some of the scrumptious leftover desserts, "or else I will be forced to eat them all" the hostess laughed. So She said that she will rescue the hostess by taking the rest of the chocolate cake! She looked at him deviously as they departed.

As they drove home, she permitted him to rub her belly, now satisfied and full. As he did, she moaned lightly ,"mmmmmmm," which he loved to hear. She reached over and did some rubbing of her own.

As they arrived home and quickly dispensed of the babysitter (who did a fine job and had the children asleep), he placed the cake in Tupperware and set it on the counter. Then he retired to the bedroom and she quickly followed.

Now, she decided the night was hers and she would take charge. She sauntered over to him, looking at him with her green eyes ablaze with desire. She planned to give him something she knew would turn him on. She removed his shirt and then told him to unzip her dress. She turned her back to him and as he unzipped her and her dress fell to the floor, still facing away she took his left hand and placed it on her breast and she took his right hand and guided it into her panties where she was hot and waiting. She allowed him a few minutes of pleasure and then took both hands and placed them on her belly, pooching noticeably from her large meal (and from their many other passionate couplings). Again, she enticed him to rub and squeeze for several minutes. Then she turned to him, looked him in the eyes and said, now get the cake and come feed me. He did not need to be told twice and quickly retrieved the cake and a glass of cold milk.

When he returned to her, she was sitting, slightly reclined in the bed and leaning against the wall. She told him to remove his pants and come straddle across her. Then she told him to feed her and as he took the plate, with an extra large slice of chocolate cake in one hand and a fork in the other, he began to feed her. She closed her eyes slightly as she tasted the sweet dessert and allowed herself the pleasure of overindulgence. And as he fed her she allowed herself the enjoyment of being taken care of and she took his hardening member in her hands and gently played with and tickled him. She was acutely aware that she was gratifying both his body and mind as he slowly fed her until the cake was gone and she was more than satiated.

He placed the dishes aside and she gently guided his hardness between her legs. She told him to go slow as she was too full to move quickly. So he made sweet and gentle love to her, softly and easily, and she gradually felt her arousal increasing until finally she felt herself release. Then, as she was drifting off into a blissful slumber, he pulled out and snuggled behind her, and she wiggled her bottom into him as he rubbed her very full tummy and listened to her sigh and purr.
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