The lovers in paradise

chapter 1

She lay sunning on the Cancun beach, absent-mindedly rubbing her full, rounded belly, feeling intensely satisfied and completely at peace. This was a new feeling - at peace. She couldn't recall ever really feeling this way before - feeling as if she was exactly where - and with whom - she was meant to be. She closed her eyes and pictured him as she saw him in his swim trunks just moments ago, his handsome face, with hazel eyes that could melt her with a glance, and his strong shoulders and arms that always seem to turn her on. She felt a small shiver course through her body, and below her belly, between her chunky thighs, she felt the onset of arousal. In fact, though she was on a public beach the only other people she saw were many yards away, so she ever so slowly allowed her hand to wander lower, over the curve of her belly, under her silky, stretchy bikini, over her trimmed pubic hair, and to her clit, still feeling sensitive from last night, and she lightly touched herself for more than a moment, feeling wonderfully naughty, stopping only when she noticed her body starting to writhe against her will, and she feared others would notice.

She thought of how much larger she'd grown in the last year, yet how comfortable she felt now, wearing her bikini, sipping a margarita. Good heavens, she thought, reflecting on how she'd come to embrace her curves, and the bedroom activities that created them, over this year. If only she'd known as a young woman the sensuality of being fed during lovemaking, she chuckled to herself, who knows how big I'd be now? But she knew it wouldn't have been the same with someone else. It was only with him that she could take this journey. She pictured that special look he would get in his eyes - a look that combined desire and playful dominance, with admiration, and unadulterated love and affection. She reflected on how he'd told her, time and again, of his want for her, how he so often had trouble just keeping himself under control with her around others, as he wanted to ravish her every moment. She reflected on the way he'd talk about the gratification of feeding her, embarrassed (but less so over time), yet unable to contain himself, and how he explained that watching her grow larger was - well, he usually could not even find the words at this point and he would simply moan as his eyes lit up and he shook his head as if he was in disbelief. She recalled him telling her, many times over, that she was sexy and beautiful, a goddess to him, and how their sensual moments together as he fed her and made love to her, were the most incredible experiences of his entire life. She knew all of this, of course, yet she loved to hear it anyway. And that he found her immensely arousing, she laughed again now, well it was all too obvious - he could not hide his hardness whenever he was touching her, feeding her, and talking intimately with her. She felt a source of pride at the power she held over him - how she loved to turn him on, to watch his eyes alight with desire, and to feel him hardening under her touch. It was amazing.

She reflected on how they would play with bondage, how he would tie her up and take charge, usually feeding her something indulgent until her belly felt stuffed and her pussy was on fire. And how she, at times, would be the one to take charge of him, telling him to bring this treat or that into the bedroom, then ordering him to feed her and touch her body (as if he could keep his hands off me, she laughed deviously). She moaned audibly at the memory of his touch. She thought of the way his tongue and fingers played between her legs, and she thought, my how he seems to LOVE going down on me (and how she did not mind one bit!) In her mind's eye she saw him going down on her now, from her own point of view, and she thought of how the image shifted gradually as she'd become larger, her larger belly now hiding so much of his head as she lay back and let him have her. She blushed slightly as thought about how he would play, sometimes, with her anus too - just a little - and she'd been surprised initially that she enjoyed it, maybe even a little more so because it was taboo.

She tried to remember the very first time he played that game with her, the one where she has to "earn" his attention between her legs by eating ice cream, or cake, or chocolates, or occasionally a non-dessert item, perhaps a juicy burger and fries or messy ribs with mac and cheese. He would toy with her, slowing down and speeding up with her consumption. She liked to "complain" and pretend she was full so that he would stop toying with her and "get down to business," yet she had come to enjoy the game and loved him to push her to fill her tummy as he brought her to ecstasy. Sheesh! she said to herself, it's no wonder my belly has grown so, and my hips and ass have overfilled all my jeans. Then, another devious laugh to herself, and the thought, but how I have come to love it just as he does! She even reflected on the freedom of her new lifestyle. She could eat whatever she wanted to, whenever she wanted to, and she knew he would adore her all the more. She had come to enjoy the pleasure of indulgence.

From time to time, she wondered what others might think. In fact, as she was packing for the trip her mother commented, "Dear, it looks like you've put on some weight. You might want to watch your diet on your vacation; after all, he might not like you being chunky." "Mother, you just let me worry about that - I have a feeling he is ok with it," and with but a glance exchanged between them, her mother's concern, which she'd had for months yet was afraid to voice, was quelled, and she caught on realizing this was not only ok with him, it is what he preferred. "Ok, then," mother smiled, "I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy eating whatever you'd like."
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