The photo album

chapter 1

Ken's perspective:

Finally, Friday! What a week! My back aches, my brain is tired, and I am very hungry. I am sure dinner is long over with and I wonder what is left over for me to eat. I think I will just go to bed. That is if the kids will let me. Lately, they want to sit up and have me read bedtime stories and play tickle fight until someone starts laughing so hard it turns into tears. Oh, please let them be asleep! I love playing with them, but tonight all I want to do is peel off my clothes, climb into bed and snuggle behind Gina. I hope she is wearing her blue silk nightie although I am too tired to do anything about it. I just love the way it feels on my skin and who knows, maybe after a few hours of sleep, sometime in the middle of the night I just might try to-nah--too tired to even think about it. That girl can surely wear me out and I don't think I can keep up with her tonight.

Finally, home. I think I will just sit here a minute in the car--breathe Ken. Just breathe. You are home, it is Friday, the rain will at least keep me in the house tomorrow avoiding the lawn work. If I tiptoe in perhaps the kids won't hear me and I can slip quietly down the hall into the bedroom and escape to blissful sleep.

Okay- here goes nothing.

What is this? As I open the door, I notice the lights are dim in the house and I hear the stereo playing Gina's favorite songs softly in the background. I am curious. I don't hear the kids and I don't see Gina. I do, however, see a bottle of red wine and one wine glass sitting on the coffee table. A few scented candles are lit, the ones I took her shopping for on our trip, along with a beautiful large black velvet and satin photo album. I had never seen that before. There was a note instructing me to pour myself a glass of wine, get comfortable on the couch, take a few sips of wine, sit back and then open the album. Okay.

I get the feeling that the kids are not home. I smell pasta sauce and garlic bread and hear a faint noise coming from the kitchen. I have forgotten for the moment that I was so tired.

I pour the wine, take a sip, hear Steve Tyler singing 'you're my angel' as I grab the very curious photo album. How come I don't remember this? I wonder what photos these are? What a beautiful album pitch black in color, mostly velvet with a satin ribbon that tied around it into a perfectly knotted bow. I pulled the satin bow until it untied and I open to the first photo.

Now I am really confused. I am not sure if it is the sip of wine that just went to my head on an empty stomach or if Gina has decided that it was now okay to leave picture albums of almost naked women around the house. ...but, that butt looks very familiar. The smooth round ass with a beauty mark on the bottom.... Wait! What?? NO WAY! "Gina!!!" I hear giggling coming from the kitchen but could not take my eyes off of that photo. An 8 x 10 picture most definitely taken by a professional photographer of Gina's ass! All she was wearing was a two stranded long beaded pearl necklace that draped under her long dark curly hair, down her back just touching the very top of her bottom. Her back was to the camera, her arms crossed her front. She was wearing black heals that looked about 4 inches tall. Those heals made her bottom look even more full and round and just the way I love it. Her legs were crossed which accentuated her plump but firm thighs as she was standing in front of a 4 poster bed with sheer white linen draped down the bed. My Gina was posing nude for a photographer... no, no... she was posing nude for me. I decided I needed to drink a little more wine before turning the pages, I took a big gulp and I turned the page.

There she was this time laying on her back on that 4 poster bed wearing a silky black baby doll with her tummy exposed. Her curly hair was sprawled out behind her and her hands were covering her (now) very full breasts, leaving her belly completely exposed. The silky sheets were just covering her bottom but leaving the smallest amount of hair exposed teasing me and leaving me wishing I could just pull the sheet away. Her face was perfectly made up with dark eye shadow that showed off her green eyes, and deep red lipstick, and my girl was wearing a grin as if she knew that pose would have me begging for more. What will I see when I turn this page?

For a minute I stopped and thought what has gotten into this girl? Why did she do this? When I met her she had been shy and insecure admitting she never felt attractive enough. I know she modeled as a young girl but even then she only was secure wearing clothes. I guess after a few years of being together and convincing her that I found her to be very attractive especially when she was a bit chunkier has made her a bit more comfortable and confident in her own skin. I guess my insatiable appetite for feeding her treats and making love to her even as she has gone up a dress size or two, convinced her to realize that I meant every word I said. She has more than one time told me that she loved the way we used food in our love making and that I was very careful to show my love for her and not just the 'kink'. That I made her feel wanted and appreciated and needed and desired. That it was not necessarily the (larger) body I found attractive but the process of doing something together that was only shared and cherished between the two of us that drove her to love my kink just as much as I do, and I am starting to think maybe a bit more.

I called out for Gina again but I have a feeling that this picture show is just for me. She will get it later- after the shock wears off. For now, I cannot peel my eyes of the pages.

Each page I turned to showed my Gina wearing a naughty grin and a beautiful sexy outfit- one outfit was a very short lace cami with nothing underneath. She was kneeling on the bed seductively sucking a lollipop. Her red lips were full wrapped around the sucker. OH- how I wished it was wrapped around my hard-on (she loved to call it "KJ - for Kenny, Jr.") right now!

One photo she was wearing a satin red teddy only coming down to her full hips with her hands playfully tied behind her back by the same color ribbon. She was faced towards a large Gothic mirror, so her back was to the camera. I was able to see her from all angles - what did I see in the photo? not just Gina. On a small round table there sat a beautifully decorated cupcake! mmmmmmmm....... how does she expect me to turn the page now. All I can imagine doing is taking that cupcake and feeding it to her as she is tied up in that photo.

I turn the page.

This one-- oh my goodness-- this one. She was wearing thigh high patent leather boots that had ties up the back of them. She had one leg propped up on a chair. She had a whip draped around the back of her neck and her hands held each end of the strap in front of her chest just covering her nipples. Oh my goodness--this one! Her back was straight and her belly looked a bit larger as her tummy was hanging slightly over the top of the leather shorts she was wearing- well more accurately hardly covering her large bottom. All of a sudden I was aware that my pants were very snug and, there was that cupcake again - in the corner on a table sitting there- was she staring at it? Was that cupcake there in all the photos?

I started to look back through and yes- that cupcake appeared just unnoticed on that little table in all of the photos as well. I quickly opened the last picture of the book.

This is the photo that made me come undone completely. The final one in the album. Gina was wearing a deep, rich purple leather and lace bustier. Her large full breasts bulging out of the top of the bustier, which was leather, slightly exposing her nipples. The bodice was lace and came down tight just to were her belly started to protrude and it was left exposed. It was pulled so tightly behind her and it accentuated her growing tummy even more. The bustier had silk garter extensions where she attached black lace stockings that came up around her chubby thighs and she had on a g-string. She was sitting on an over-sized lavender velvet chair with her legs more than slightly apart, again giving the camera a devilish grin. Her hair was pulled back in a semi-wild updo with a few curls cascading down the side of her face. In this photo though, the cupcake! ---she had that large decadent cupcake in one hand. It was a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting that whipped up into a fancy swirl that curled up where the red cherry sat on top. Gina had taken a bite out of the cupcake. She had her mouth full with the frosting kissing her lips, a bit of the frosting in her hair as if the bite she took was a large greedy one, and she had the look of sexy satisfaction on her face.

That's it!!--where are you girl?!! I yelled. I could hardly move but was able to finally get up to look for her. I went into the kitchen to find another note that asked me to grab the tray and come to bed. Yes, ma'am - I did was I was instructed to do.

I opened the door to find Gina in the same purple leather and lace bustier in the last photo laying on our bed that had new satin sheets on them. What seemed to be 100 candles were lit all around the room and was our only lighting. I placed the tray on the night stand and took her face into my hands and looked deep into her eyes.
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