21 days

Chapter 1

-Leann, I can’t believe you’re not coming!

-I’m so sorry babe, but I just can’t. My leg is totally busted.

And so it was that Valerie was going to the luxury 21 day cruise on the Caribbean alone. At first she was mortified, but soon realized that going on the cruise alone had it’s perks. Originally she had planned to just have tons of fun with Leann - and enjoy the included cuisine that was abundantly available at all hours of the day on the ship.

Leann, Val’s best friend since childhood, was a chubby and bubbly blonde with an adorable personality. The cruise had been her idea and Val hadn’t even thought about how would it be like without her. Immediately one word came to her mind: fattening!

Valerie had always been the fattest of the two and to Leann’s credit she had always supported Val’s size - even now that she had grown massively fat. But even Leann didn’t know why Val had gained over 50 pounds in the past six months alone and for that reason Val always had to restrain herself around her friend. Leann simply had no idea that each mound and roll of fat on her body was deliberately gained. So around her friend Val could eat like the big girl she was, but not like the insatiable glutton she truly was.

Absentmindedly jiggling her soft, spreading paunch Val reached for the last donut and with a sensual soft “ooh” sound inserted over half of it in her waiting mouth. God it tasted so good it made Val bite her lip just a bit. Even after eating eleven of them already and feeling so full that moving around wasn’t going to be an option for a while, she was sad to see the last donut disappear. There just seemed to be no hard limit to how much she could eat now and that alone was incredibly arousing, sending another wave of pure pleasure around Val’s fattened body.

Yes, things had slowly gotten out of hand since Christmas. It was now June and Val was almost unrecognizable from six months ago. Deciding to see how far her fantasies would take her in real life had made Val’s already plump body blossom. She could vividly remember stepping on the scales during Christmas holidays and weighting in at 236 pounds, her highest weight ever - as usual. And now...last night after a massive binge that had started right after lunch, Val had waddled out of breath to the bathroom and the creaky scale had announced with a robotic voice that she weighed 309 pounds. Over 70 pounds more fat, and most of it during the last few months.

The past few months were a blur of binges separated by periods of sleep. Nothing but laying on the couch or in bed, pretending to watch tv, but her mind working overtime imagining her body at obscene size. Totally out of control and loving it. Enjoying each new stretch mark that appeared almost daily now. Getting badly out of shape and relishing in it, even a ten feet walk making her want to stuff her face more. And she did just that. Until she couldn’t hold another bite, her massive gut pushing out like a beach ball, forcing her dramatically grown breasts on her sides.

-I’m so fat already, I wonder what would happen if I ate non-stop the whole cruise? Val whispered to herself, her voice already trembling from arousal, her hands caressing her stretch mark -covered belly.

-I’ll get so fat they’ll have to push me out of the ship with a wheelchair, she answered her own question and giggled a bit, flustered with excitement from the thought of that actually happening.

It wasn’t even that far fetched, she thought. She was already so fat and her binges were so massive that it was difficult to move around when she was very full. And that was often since reaching and staying in that state was one of her deepest desires.

The cruise had now gotten a whole new twist and Val loved the turn things had taken. She’d buy new clothes, one size too large and in loose style at that. Then she’d see just how much weight it’s possible to gain in three weeks. All day and night, delicious food available endlessly, not having to cook or even open packages, just load it on a plate and eat away. Val was getting wet just thinking about it.
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